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Brand: Best



From freestyle to wave riding and everything in between, the 08 Best Bar is the perfect complement to the way you choose to ride. It is built tough to take any abuse and comes loaded with all the features and safety options you need to make every session perfect.

The 2008 Waroo Bar: Stay connected

At Best we always we listen to our customers and our Pro-team when it comes to updating and replacing products. There’s no advice like free advice,..... just ask the R&D team. For 08 we have integrated many new features and improvements into the 08 Best Bar, with every one guaranteed to improve your riding experience.

Riders requested a front line safety/landing option, so we’ve added that into the mix. You can now land or flag your kite simply by grabbing any of four flying line handles. The depower strap and swivel arrangement now has the swivel positioned under the depower strap for easier un-spinning and to ensure that the new front line self-landing handles are always in the perfect position for deployment.

For riders who prefer to ride with shorter lines, we’ve introduced a new split line set comprised of 22m lines with 3m extensions, so you can choose between a combined 25m length for general riding or shorten down to 22m for hardcore wave riding and freestyle action. Every rider will benefit from the 700lb Spectra flying lines, they will turn your kite faster and tighter and help you jump better than ever before.

An entirely new carbon bar molding allows us to create a lighter and stronger bar than previously possible. The seamless construction means we have been able to increase the size of the centre bush. Gently radiused and mirror polished, this new centre hole arrangement gives reduced drag when sheeting in and out for improved steering control.

The reinforced carbon centre of the bar mates perfectly with our Stiffy Disc, holding the chickenloop in place whenever you unhook.

New ‘colour-handed’ EVA bar grips with raised ‘finger form’ provides comfort whatever the riding conditions, ensuring you remain in control at all times. For riders who simply have to ride unhooked and can’t stop throwing F-16s on their Waroo and Nemesis HP kites we have added integral EVA bar end bumpers to protect your fingers and keep you riding harder for longer.

The new 08 Best Bar is designed to be practical, versatile and above all else as safe as possible. It is the perfect complement to the Waroo 08 and Nemesis HP SLE kites.


Flying lines 22m+3m

Best Bar 2008 1.jpg

For 08, we have selected a new high tenacity flying line. Rated at 700lb breaking strain, with minimal elongation under load; these new flying lines will mean your kite is more responsive, turns faster, and feels crisper than ever before.

2-Piece Stainless Bar Bushing

Best Bar 2008 2.jpg

Press fit 316-stainless steel bar inserts. Increased aperture diameter allows for easy bar control, especially for faster turning and unhooked riding.

Front Line OSR Handles

Best Bar 2008 3.jpg

For 08 we have introduced dual front-line landing handles above the trim strap. These additional handles mean you can now land your kite using any of the front or rear flying lines.

Dual Line Depower

Best Bar 2008 4.jpg

Having dual depower lines that run through the bar enables the use of a simple and effective adjustable stopper ball. This allows a rider to limit bar travel according to personal preference for maximum depower, and also allows the rider to freely un-spin the bar without the kite going into auto-safety

Handlepass/Bypass Leash

Best Bar 2008 5.jpg

The 08 Best Bar comes equipped with a high quality handlepass/bypass leash. This leash clips to the bottom of the dual depower line and activates full depower by shortening the depower rope whenever the bar is dropped.

Rear Line OSR Handles

Best Bar 2008 6.jpg

For landing your kite, you now have the additional option of using either L&R front line grab handles as well as either L&R rear line grab handles. So you can now land your kite using any flying line, regardless of beach aspect and wind direction.

Stiffy Disc

Best Bar 2008 7.jpg

Designed for unhooking, the 08 bar has an integral ‘stiffy-disc’ situated on the depower line between the top of the chickenloop and the underside of the bar. When a rider unhooks, the bar is pulled flush with the ‘stiffy-disc’ locking the chickenloop in place so that it neither rotates nor wobbles, meaning that your chickenloop remains fixed to the underside of the bar for easy re-hooking.

Straight Plate

Best Bar 2008 8.jpg

To further facilitate hooking and unhooking and to maximize the lifespan of the chickenloop, the 08 Best Bar comes with an integrated chickenloop cross brace. This stainless steel bar stops the chickenloop structure from deforming under load. This benefits re-hooking of the loop and also ensures that the quick release mechanism is never put under any unexpected load.

New 08 Bar End Design

Best Bar 2008 9.jpg

For 08 we have doubled the overlap between the bar and the bar-ends, and then beefed up the connection point with a double screw fixing. The Best Bar is now tougher than ever.

Ergonomic Non-slip Grip

Best Bar 2008 10.jpg

The 08 Best Bar has indented finger ridges across the top of the bar and a new color scheme with left- and right- handed bar colors. The new front and back grip pattern and color scheme will allow you to ascertain which way round the bar should be as quickly as possible, if the bar has been released.The EVA foam grip used has been improved over the 07 bar to deliver greater feel and durability with improved abrasion resistance and adhesion to the underlying carbon bar.

EVA Bar End Bumpers

Best Bar 2008 11.jpg

If you ride unhooked and are throwing unhooked tricks, then the new bar end bumpers are just for you. They will stop the bar ends cutting into your hands and help you ride longer every session.

Below Trim-Strap Swivel

Best Bar 2008 12.jpg

A new ‘below trim-strap’ front line swivel ensures that your front lines can be untwisted anytime with a flick of the trim strap. With your front lines always in the correct position you can make maximum use of the new dual front line landing handles.

Metal-on-Metal Safety Release

Best Bar 2008 13.jpg

The 08 Best Bar has a dual-loop metal-on-metal safety release. The release pin is positioned through a small stainless-steel ring, passing over a single loop of low friction line. After activation of the safety, a rider can easily reassemble the chickenloop in the water, if he/she is attached to the end of the bypass leash.

Bar end Bungees

Best Bar 2008 14.jpg

Making sure your gear is ready to go is always a concern. With your lines safely wrapped up on your bar and secured with our bungee closures, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Handle-pass/Suicide Leash

Best Bar 2008 15.jpg

The 08 Best Bar comes equipped with a high quality handle-pass/suicide leash. With 30cm of added length for 08 it’s long enough to make double passes and even allow you to land wrapped.


Bar Manual PDF

Bar Manual PDF

Activation of the leash QR

QR 07 Trim 1.png

Sliding the red plastic QR collar away from the tension adjuster ball will activate the internal QR mechanism.

This action will completely separate you from your kite should you already be unhooked from the CL.

Only consider this as a last course of action in situations where remaining attached to your kite is likely to be more dangerous to yourself and bystanders than releasing the kite completely.

Bypass/handlepass leash QR reassembly

QR 07 Trim 2.png

When activated the QR mechanism splits into two separate parts, these are shown in detail on the previous page. To refit the QR slide the tip of either side of the ‘flip/flop pin’ through the ‘grey rope loop’ and then flip the pin over by ninety degrees to catch the loop.

Gently slide the QR collar upwards and over the tip of the ‘flip/flop pin’, the push the QR collar home until it rests snugly against the ‘tension adjuster’ as shown in the previous image above.

Adjusting the QR tension

The release tension of the bypass/handlepass leash QR can be adjusted to suit your personal preference. Riders performing handlepass and unhooked tricks are much more likely to require increased protection from false releases of the leash.

Two methods exist to increase the release tension.

Method one

QR 07 Trim 3.png

Loosen the grub screw on the tension adjuster, an Allen key is supplied with the bar, then carefully slide the clear PU tubing that sits inside the tension adjuster towards the rope loop. Move the PU tubing no more than 1/8 inch before re-assembling and testing the QR to ensure you can still release the mechanism. Ensure the grub screw in the tension adjuster is firmly secured before using on the water.

Method two

QR 07 Trim 4.png

Loosen off the grub screw inserted into the tension adjuster ball and slide the adjuster ball downwards towards the karabiner. Remember to fully tighten the grub screw before attempting to use the leash.

Only small adjustments in adjuster position are required for a significant increase in release tension, we suggest that you move it a maximum of 1/4” Inch at any one time before testing the QR function.

The combination of moving the PU tubing away from the Karabiner and moving the tension adjuster ball towards the karabiner by the recommended increments should always give a sufficient increase in release tension to preclude accidental release.

Note: Do not modify the QR mechanism with the addition of any materials or modification of any components as this will reduce the functionality of the system and may put the rider at increased risk.


Best Bar 2008 16.jpg



Trim Tips

Depower Rope Bushing Issue

Due to an over-resining of the central hole of the bar.

The solution is to remove the excess of resin.