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Brand: Best


  • 5’7 (170.4x44)
  • 6’0 (183.1x47.9)


The Best Surfboards are designed to make the progression from twin-tip and flat water to big wave-riding as smooth, easy, and as much fun as possible. The R&D team has spent years circling the globe chasing waves on every continent to enable them to create a range of boards that tackle all conditions, from fast-rolling overhead sets to quick pounding shore-breaks.

A ‘Thruster’ set up gives the optimum mix of Traction, drive and flow. Fin rake and profile have been carefully selected for the boards intended conditions, while still allowing the Best Surf to be easy and predictable in flatter water and on slower faces. The Thruster layout increases the board's ability to change direction quickly without losing speed, allowing you to stay on that wave all the way to the beach.

If you already have surf experience and are looking for a Thoroughbred wave-riding board for fast water and steep faces (which can still be your everyday ride in flat and choppy water), then the Best Surf 5’7” will be your perfect choice.

5’7 (170.4x44)

The 5’7” is tuned to tackle fast-moving big waves with steep faces, while allowing you to remain in complete control regardless of the wind conditions. With a pronounced nose rocker and a progressive soft rail shape over the front half of the board, the 5’7” ensures you won’t dig your nose even in the gnarliest of pits. A thin nose section keeps the front of the board light and helps place the volume directly beneath your feet for early planing and maximum board speed with minimal weight.

The Best Surf 5’7” rail profile drops towards the middle of the board, presenting a sharper rail to the water at the widest point of the board. From the mid-section to the tail, the rail shape hardens up, further allowing you to ride the rail as well as the fins if the wind picks up. At the back of the board, the rail shape blends completely into a down rail with a sharp edge, giving a smooth water exit under power, minimizing suck-down from hydrodynamic pressure, for early planing and maximum control at all board speeds.

To help turn-initiation, the 5’7” has a subtle bottom concave running from the front foot to the front fins, helping to balance the drive from the fins and the bite from the rail profile when ridden over the rail. The mid-section concave - combined with our three-part EVA deck pad with kicked heel area - helps deliver exceptional control at high speeds when riding larger faster waves.

The 5’7” has a squash-tail outline, allowing for a stable ride while retaining the loose feel required for powerful bottom turns and explosive snaps. The squash-tail is a great tail shape for any standard of surfer and can be used in both small and overhead waves. A tail rocker placed under the back foot increases the board’s manoeuvrability, giving you more control for carving while losing no stability at speed and allowing you to take the board vertical.

The Best Surf 5’7” uses the latest seamless board construction, with a micro-fine matt surface finish that sheds water like sharkskin, minimizing drag and maximizing board speed. With a metric measurement of 170.4x44.1x5.9 LWD, the Best Surf 5’7” is the ideal choice for riders looking for a fast board for aggressive wave riding in all conditions.

6’0 (183.1x47.9)

With metric dimensions of 183.1x47.9x6.2cm, the Best Surf 6’0” has more width and more float than the 5’7”, making it more suitable for beginner to intermediate or heavier riders. If you are making the progression from twin-tip riding to wave-riding and want the easiest transition from flat water to surf, then the Best Surf 6’0” is the perfect choice.

Designed for charging slower breaks and less steep faces, the 6’0” has slightly less nose rocker than the 5’7”. With a more progressive rail transition across the middle third of the board, the 6’0” also delivers a more stable platform than the 5’7”, but not at the expense of easy turning and maneuverability.

The progressive rail profile on the 6’0” is perfectly tuned for its intended conditions. Transitioning from soft to hard around the mid-section of the board, and dropping towards the tail, our progressive rail profile combined with a subtle bottom concave creates a board with great straight line stability even when cranked over onto the rail.

Retaining the squash-tail shape of the smaller board, the 6’0” offers a stable ride, yet still enables the surfboard to remain loose while serving up hugely powerful bottom turns. The squash-tail is a great tail shape for any standard of surfer, can be used in both small and overhead waves, and gives great handling when ridden as a directional as you head out to the line-up.

The Best Surf 6’0” uses the latest seamless board construction, with a micro-fine matt surface finish that sheds water like sharkskin, minimizing drag and maximizing board efficiency. Our 3-section EVA deck pad system gives you support and control where you need it, with a raised heel section kickpad for throwing down those explosive snaps.


Tri-fin Thruster layout

Gives you the optimum balance of speed and control, allowing you express your style on any wave.

Squash-tail outline

Delivers a stable ride when the waves jack up and still allows for perfect loose slashy turns.

Progressive rail profile

From tip to tail our hand shaped rail profile delivers, stability, control and perfect handling whatever conditions you ride in.

Single bottom concave

Helps you balance fin drive and rail bite when reaching for those long low and powered bottom turns.

Kicked nose

When you are riding steep faces the last thing you want to worry about is digging the nose.

Seamless construction

Light and strong, we pare away any excess leaving nothing but performance and our legendary surf-tough build quality.

Micro-fine matt surface finish

Like Shark Skin our Micro-fine matt surface finish traps tiny pockets of air between your board and the water. It feels faster, because it is.

3-section EVA deck pad

Whether you ride strapped or strapless you need control, and your new Thruster comes with a 3-piece EVA deck pad with Raised kickpad section.

Leash plug

If you do want to stay attached to your board when you get swallowed up by a monster wave, then you have that option with our reinforced leash plug.


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Product PDF







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