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Brand: Flexifoil


  • 4.0
  • 4.9
  • 6.5
  • 8.5


The Blade IV is designed to push the Blade series of kites to new levels. The Blade is a truly unique kite, which many have tried to rival but none have succeeded.

The aim of the Blade IV was to significantly raise the performance and usability of the fixed 4-line big lift kite.

The Blade is, and has always been the most versatile kite. Its unique characteristics have made it well suited for buggy jumping, freestyle kite landboarding, snowkiting and recreational jumping. The Blade IV is still unique and has been designed with all of these kitesports in mind.

Key features and benefits

Modified planform

The new ‘hoop’ shaped planform is more stable, more powerful, and helps the kite turn smoother and faster.

Clean aerofoil design

Our design software can predict and analyse the 3D shape of a kite when it’s in the air and flying, which means we have shaped the panels more accurately, which helps all performance characteristics of this kite.

Internal cross bracing

Internal V ribs are incorporated across the entire kite at the bridle points, which the main flying lines are connected to. This improves the shape of the kite and increases the projected span and area of the kite. The improved projected area results in increased lift, so you get more out of the Blade IV than ever before.

Pre-stretched unsleeved Dyneema bridles

Excellent strength and low stretch properties mean the kite will retain its tuning during use. Considerably thinner than conventional bridle line, this creates lower drag for a faster kite.

Cross bridles

The 6.5m and 8.5m have a cross bridle system built into the bridle for the tip sections of the kites. This increases the turn speed, and makes the kite turn tighter. This is adjustable so the user can choose their preferred turn speed.

Bridle adjuster

This simple adjuster varies the relationship between the main and the brake bridles, varying the angle of attack the kite is set at. The bridle adjuster is very easy to use, you can simply set the kite to suit the conditions. The Blade IV come setup from the factory in the standard ‘Blade’ setting that previous blade users know and love.



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