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Brand: Blade


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Following rigorous testing in the development stages by specialized machines and in the water with expert riders, the 2008 Blade Bar adheres to remarkable safety standards that are a critical necessity for any rider.

Originating with a foundation made from the finest materials available in the industry including a stainless steel centerpiece to protect the lines and high resistance carbon, the bar will survive the toughest kiting sessions over and over. Most importantly, the Quick Release Mechanism that activates 100% of the time with only a little tension will assist you in avoiding dangerous situations.

Using hi-tech safety systems and an innovative grip design, the Blade Bar is guaranteed to be the safest and most comfortable accessory to your kiting experience.



The reliable safety release requires minimal exertion to activate regardless of the amount of pressure placed on the lines.

L Squared Stopper

The dynamic stopper will not only easily slide and lock into place allowing riders to easily choose their specific setting preference, but can be adjusted by pushing the bar up in emergency situations.

PerpLoop System

The unique design of the bar ensures that the chicken loop will consistently remain in place for a trouble-free retrieval following unhooked tricks.

Non-Slip Grip

The specialized coating material is now even more secure with precise ridges placed along the bar for an extra comfortable grip during kiting.

Power & DePower Strap

Continuing with our safe and functional design aspects, the innovative Power and DePower straps feature tangle free stitching to ensure that the straps are easily accessible throughout your session.


2008 Kites and Bar Manual


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