Blade Bar System 2007

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Brand: Blade


  • 45 cm
  • 50 cm
  • 55 cm


The innovative design of the Bar System was developed in conjunction with the Blade Kites to create the perfect setup for all your kiting needs. In addition to the meticulous attention given to each technical detail, the new model has been put through rigorous tests to withstand the toughest kiting conditions.


  • De-Power Line Lock (DPLL) - The Easiest & Safest Stopper Ball on the Market
  • Quick Release Will Work Under Any Conditions
  • Activating Quick Release Will Keep Kite on the Fifth Line – An Additional Leash is Unnecessary
  • Freestyle Compatibility - Once Unhooked the Chicken Loop Will Remain Perpendicular to the Bar so Hooking Back in Will be as Simple as Hooking Out
  • Finger Lock is Easily Removed and Attached
  • Pull-Pull De-Power Strap – Pull Once to De-Power the Strap and Pull Again to Gain Power Back
  • Fifth Line Quick Release – If the Line Tangles Around the Kite, Releasing the Fifth Line Will Allow You to Continue Kiting
  • Cousin Flying Lines – The Top Lines on the Market
  • Same bar is used both on Vertigo and Beast



Vertigo bar 2007 b.jpg



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