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Brand: Flexifoil


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The Blurr is a kite with one mission – speed! It’s designed specifically for buggying and getting you from point A to point B and back again - fast. Countless other kites offer great speed performance but none have the levels of stability and simplicity of the Blurr. Moving into the specialised arena of speed buggying has never been easier or more accessible so if you’re currently flying a Bullet, Rage or Blade and want to go faster the Blurr will give you a phenomenal leap in speed.

The Blurr is the culmination of two years work with a simple objective - realising controllable speed. Having this pure concept to work towards has enabled Flexifoil to design a kite that does exactly what it was built to do and the final product speaks for itself. The results of this major investment includes a completely bespoke and highly advanced aerofoil to provide amazing speed alongside rock-solid stability and a new high aspect ratio design to reduce drag, increasing the speed of the kite through the sky and generating even more power.


New planform

The Blurr is designed to excel in two areas, speed and stability. Most fast kites sacrifice stability to increase the speed but with the Blurr we’ve tweaked the design to get great performance in both areas. The planform of the Blurr is based on a high aspect ratio design principle to reduce the drag and generate the increase in speed. To retain stability the swept leading edge makes for a solid canopy and we’ve also closed the tip cells to keep them inflated and reduce drag even further.

AAA Bridle Adjustment System

The Blurr comes complete with the AAA Bridle Adjuster System as standard, so you can alter the kite to perform exactly how you want.

Sora® Ripstop Nylon

We tested several types of sail material for the Blurr but the double-coated, water-proof Sora provides the perfect combination of strength, tear resistance and long-term durability.

Pre-Stretched Unsleeved Dyneema® Bridle

The bridle material for the Blurr is pre-stretched unsleeved Dyneema to give the kite superb high strength and low stretch properties so it retains its shape in the sky even in strong wind conditions. The bridles have a thinner diameter than the sleeved bridle lines to reduce parasitic drag and increase the speed. We pre-stretch every metre of bridle line in our factory to ensure that the constructional stretch is taken out of the line.


We have incorporated several well tested reinforcements in the Blurr, most importantly those around the rib tab points, where the bridle is sewn onto the kites to prevent tearing. Also, every internal rib vent has been reinforced to help prevent the ribs from ‘blowing out’ in the event of a sudden impact.

Intelligent design

We continually develop our design software to enable us to model, predict and analyse the actual 3D shape of a kite when it’s in the air and flying. As a result we can shape the panels more accurately so the kite creases less and has a smoother more accurate profile. This results in a highly aerodynamic wing which helps all performance characteristics of the Blurr.

Size range

The range consists of four kites, the 2.5m, 3.5m, 5.0m and 7.0m so you can get out in most wind conditions. Smaller kites are ideal for lighter riders and high winds and the larger kites are designed for light winds and heavier flyers.


Product PDF

Product PDF


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