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What Happened?

There is a girl that rides in the spot we ride that uses an Oceanus reel leash. I have told her for the year we have known her to get rid of the thing and drag back to her board. Yesterday she decided to not use it anymore. Unfortunately, it was after she broke out most of her front teeth. She fell, got dragged down wind with her back to the kite, came up for a breath, and her board caught up to her and hit her in the mouth. Full damage is fractured upper jaw, many stitches inside her mouth, front upper teeth pushed up into the roof of her mouth, 2 lower teeth broken short her teeth look like she is from Arkansas. She spent an hour with an oral surgeon yesterday, and goes back to see him Monday. She obviously has some extensive dental work to be done. Oh and she did have the 1 meter extension line on her board.

Board leash strike 1.jpg

What can we learn?

  • don't use a board leash at all, even if you wear a helmet
  • learn how to bodydrag back to your board
  • if you think you need a leash, you may consider a tool like the "GO-Joe".

GO-Joe from Ocean Rodeo:

2699176995 1e2f692644 b.jpg