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Launching off the beach with your board in your hand, doing a 720 rotation and putting the board on your feet.

How To

1. Have your board in your hand, which you feel comfortable to put the board on your feet

2. Park your kite at a position, you always keep when you want to jump (to the right: between 1-2 o'clock)

3. If you are on a beach with shore break, wait for the wave to go back.

4. Start to run to the water line

5. Steer the kite back and pull the bar and jump off the beach, already initiating the double rotation

6. While you rotate, put the board onto the feet

7. Steer the kite forward and spot the landing

8. Land and keep riding


  • Depending on which hands you use on the bar and board, you have to switch them for keeping the kite control.
  • If you jump to the right and have the board on your right hand, have the left hand close to the left side of the center of the bar, and once you pull the bar back, immediately before lift off move the hand to the right side of the bar's center and pull the bar down to have more airtime. Then the kite also flies forward to get you speed for landing.


Toby Braeuer

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