Bowfort 2008

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Brand: Rodwy


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 15.0


Operating Conditions

Snow and all round on water. On water; the Bowfort can be used under all conditions: flat water, choppy or in waves.

User Proficiency

Beginner to professional.

Description of Kite

Modern flat kite with 5th leash

Pump System

One pump for the front tube and the 7 transverse struts with disconnecting mechanism. Inflation with no backlash to facilitate pumping the kite up. Deflation in the center and in the tip area to facilitate rolling up the kite.


Jumping: Very stable throughout the jump, offers a long hang time and average lift.

Riding: The Bowfort glides quickly and keeps its performance through wind holes enabling it to glide through the latter.

Bar Behaviour: The force necessary to hold and steer the kite is only average so that it turns quite quickly and reacts immediately one steering impulses. The large pressure point is right in the middle and there is a sizable power area with enough room before back stall occurs. The average turning speed gives lots of power during loops.


Bowfort Windrange 1.jpg

To determine the appropriate kite size for a given wind speed? one has to take into account the weight and proficiency of the kiter.



Bowfort 2008 1.jpg

Bowfort 2008 2.jpg



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