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Brand: Naish


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The world-renowned Naish Boxer kite now enters the world of Supported Leading Edge technology. The 2007 Boxer SLE has been engineered to master most styles of riding including freeriding, jumping, freestyle, wave riding, and having fun. Aimed primarily at all-terrain riders, the new Boxer is now more than a user-friendly kite. Its modern shape, leading edge rigging, and control system open this kite’s potential to a vast range of riding.

Even though it is still a kite that first timers will never outgrow, its performance now matches some of the most technically advanced kites on the market. The medium aspect profile provides incredible stability and predictability, which makes it extremely easy to fly and water launch regardless of the conditions. The new adjustable bridle attachment points also provide light steering and positive response, so the kite feels comfortable in waves, flat water chop, or gusty wind conditions.

With its new all-terrain capabilities, innovative design, and state-of-the-art control system, the Boxer SLE is destined to become a true classic.


  • New Delta Cut Trailing Edge
  • New 2 piece LE
  • V5 profile
  • New tune-able bridle attachment points


  • New dual 2-ply trailing edge reinforcement
  • Vertical seam struts
  • New “Aramide” reinforcements
  • Naish Quality

Technical Features

  • Octopus Technology
  • Supported Leading Edge (SLE)
  • New SLE control system with changeable 2:1 or 1:1 configuration Octopus Technology


SLE Manual PDF

SLE Manual PDF

Octopus Manual PDF

Octopus Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF


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