Bullet 2009

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Brand: North


  • 5‘7“
  • 5‘10“


North introduces another new addition to the 09 surf range from shaper Martin Littlewood: The Bullet.

The Bullet is a quad fin surf design aimed carving new lines in small to medium surf. Utilizing the short, wide, compactness of a fish in combination with the drive and grip of a quad has made the Bullet a master of generating blazing speed in smallish surf and tight carves. The Bullet is extremely loose and snappy and fits well in the pocket of small to medium waves. Strapped or strapless, the Bullet easily takes tight lines in small surf and is easy to bust the tail free and throw buckets of spray! A squared off nose and batwing tail give the Bullet it‘s striking looks and is available in two sizes; 5‘7“ and 5‘10“ to suit nearly every size rider. The Bullet is the perfect addition to your growing surf addiction!


  • All Wave Board
  • Tight Turns and snappy Cutbacks
  • Massive Grip
  • Amazing Lightwind Performance
  • Custom Epoxy Wood Sandwich
  • Dual Density Pads
  • Future Fin System



Bullet 2009 1.png


Sky Solbach Interview


Trim Tips