Bumblebee 2008

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Brand: Brunotti


  • 152x42.5


An exciting addition to our line-up is the Bumble Bee, a unique kite wave-surfing board. The progressive rocker line in conjunction with the proportionately thin (16 mm) volume allows for unprecedented control in wave riding. The Bumble Bee has been designed for typical “real-world” wave conditions, but also for pure, down-the-line wave riding.

A single concave hull ensures the board planes early and remains “loose” on the water. A thruster fin set up on the tail makes for even more grip with bottom turns and cutbacks on the wave face, and on the nose of the board two small, central fins allow for control during “fakie” or “switch” riding. These front fins are placed clear from the rail so as to stay clear of the water when charging through bottom turns. Symmetrical footstrap placement ensures comfort for riding both goofie or rightie.

The Bumble Bee provides unprecedented performance and comfort for riding waves with a kite, and tracks upwind like a rocket.


  • ABS Sidewalls
  • Inside Screen-printing
  • Full woodcore
  • Fiberglass
  • Variable Foot Straps
  • G10 truster fins 7.5 cm
  • G10 middle fin, 9.5 cm
  • 5cm front fins



Brunotti Bumblebee 2008 1.jpg

Brunotti Bumblebee 2008 2.jpg



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