Burning 2007

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Brand: Takoon


  • 5.1


If you dream of a surfers ride, Takoon now offers you a new, truly surf oriented board to for fill that dream. The target was to create a board that allows easy riding in all conditions.

The Burning provides excellent glide while riding flat and its boxy rails give a soft feel through the turns while providing sufficient grip to hit them at full speed. Pulling long or fast reentries are no problem and always done under full control. Riding the waves now becomes easy with the Burning 5.1!

Acceleration is there when needed meaning there is no problem getting out the back and pulling airs is easy when the time is right thanks to ample volume. Staying to windward is a cinch, just power up the tri-fins through your back legs and the board holds without issue, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting back up wind after a nice long, down the line wave ride. Its compact shape and carefully calculated volume distribution allow easy and stable jibes.

Light and easy to handle, the Burning 5.1 reacts really quickly to foot pressure, keeping you in complete control through all the moves. This fast board will bring you back to the line up in a second and you’ll be ripping in the typically imperfect European conditions it’s designed to ride in. It’ll have you full of confidence and ready to ride in almost any wave conditions.


  • Size: 5.1
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Bottom Shape: progressive concave
  • Rails: inversed and flat at the back
  • Tail: Swallow tail
  • Fin Set-up: Tri-Fin with Fin-Loc detachable fin system.



Burning 2007 new ok2.jpg

Burning 2007 stephfournet157.jpg

Burning 2007 1.jpg



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