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What happened?

During the German National Championship and Kitesurf Trophy 2008 Joel, a junior freestyle rider, puts up a 9m kite and tests its power on the beach before he goes out for his first round.

Suddenly an old man appears, grabs his bar and lines, and pulls the kite starts to loop, and Joel flys towards another rider (Holger) and breaks his upper arm in the shoulder area. He had to be taken immediately to the hospital and had a surgery in the evening.

The old man ran away and disappeared in the crowd...they never got him.

What can we learn?

  • When you are on the beach and have your kite up into the air, make sure there is no one close to you.
  • Never let anyone touch your bar or lines when your kite is up in the air.
  • When you are on land with a kite up in the air, ALWAYS be ready to release your quick release, no matter what will happen.