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Brand: Best



Our Pro-team riders claimed 1st, 2nd and 3rd places last year in the PKRA and KPWT world rankings, so when they work together to deliver a product, you can be sure that every aspect has been "competition tuned."

In freestyle competition you only have a few minutes to fire off your best tricks. To stand any chance of impressing the judges and progressing to the next round your equipment has to be completely reliable. The new 08 C-Kite bar is designed fulfil this criteria; durability is built into every aspect of the bar, the parts you can see and even the parts that you can’t.

The bar comes equipped with 700lb rated, color coded lines. Supplied as a 20m set with 5m extensions this gives you the option of rigging short for maximum handling responsiveness and kite speed across the window, or rigging long for maximum lift and hangtime for old school tricks.

A short throw centre line means your bar is always close to hand, and you can keep your stance tight with your weight behind your board edge to gain massive pop for high powered wakestyle moves. Handle-passing couldn’t be easier or more comfortable with our reduced diameter profiled grip and newly introduced EVA bar end bumpers.

A large diameter chickenloop with no donkey dick makes hooking and unhooking easier than ever before and can be used for attaching your handle-pass/suicide leash. A high visibility QR handle is designed to be easy to use in an emergency, while being compact enough to ensure it is never fired off by accident. Accidental QR activation when hooking back in or riding blind is a thing of the past.

Dual rear line OSR handles provide you with multiple landing options between heats. The large handled pull-pull trim strap is topped off by a high load rated front line swivel. To allow for quick front line length changes to compensate for changes in wind conditions that exceed the normal depower range the Pro-team added a second set of front line knots above the trim strap.

The new 08 C-Kite Bar is designed to be as durable and practical as possible, and is the perfect compliment for our Yarga dedicated C-kite. 08 C-Kite Bar: Competition Tuned.


Flying lines 20m+5m

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 2.jpg

For 08, we have selected a new high tenacity flying line rated at 700lb breaking strain. With minimal elongation under load, these new flying lines will mean your kite is more responsive, loops faster, and feels crisper than ever before.

Large diameter Chickenloop

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 3.jpg

Increasing the size of the chickenloop and removing the donkey dick makes hooking in and un-hooking easier than ever. With our large diameter chickenloop you will be making every session an unhooked session.

Short throw centre depower line

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 4.jpg

A short throw centre line puts your trim strap, front line swivel, and bar within easy reach at all times. Better body positioning for taking off and landing tricks will make every trick you throw feel easier and improve your success rate on the water.

Handle-pass/Suicide Leash

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 5.jpg

The 08 C-kite Bar comes equipped with a high quality handle-pass/suicide leash. With 30cm of added length for 08 it’s long enough to make double passes and even allow you to land wrapped.

New 08 Bar End Design

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 6.jpg

For 08 we have doubled the overlap between the bar and the bar-ends, and then beefed up the connection point with a double screw fixing. The C-kite Bar is now tougher than ever.

Rear Line OSR Handles

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 7.jpg

For landing your kite, you now have the additional option of using either L&R front line grab handles as well as either L&R rear line grab handles. So you can now land your kite using any flying line, regardless of beach aspect and wind direction.

Ergonomic Non-slip Grip

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 8.jpg

The 08 C-kite Bar has indented finger ridges across the top of the bar for improved grip and a new color scheme with left- and right- handed bar colors. We’ve reduced the bar diameter to allow you to close your hand right over the bar, maximizing your contact strength and helping you make each and every handle-pass.

EVA Bar End Bumpers

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 9.jpg

Competition freestyle is all about unhooked riding and throwing massively powered handle-pass tricks. The new EVA bar end bumpers have been designed to allow you to ride in comfort all day, no matter how hard you push yourself or your gear.

Front line Swivel

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 10.jpg

Uprated for increased load handling ability, the 08 centre line swivel will keep your lines tangle free. Adjustable pigtail positions allow you to trim the kite for added or reduced depower without having to run to the kite, saving you valuable seconds between heats.

Pull-Pull depower strap

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 11.jpg

High visibility handles with added traction pads will ensure your depower is easy to activate in all conditions, even with gloved hands during cold winter sessions.

Bar end Bungees

Best C-Kite Bar 2008 12.jpg

Making sure your gear is ready to go is always a concern. With your lines safely wrapped up on your bar and secured with our bungee closures, that’s one less thing to worry about.


Bar Manual PDF

Bar Manual PDF

Activation of the leash QR

QR 07 Trim 1.png

Sliding the red plastic QR collar away from the tension adjuster ball will activate the internal QR mechanism.

This action will completely separate you from your kite should you already be unhooked from the CL.

Only consider this as a last course of action in situations where remaining attached to your kite is likely to be more dangerous to yourself and bystanders than releasing the kite completely.

Bypass/handlepass leash QR reassembly

QR 07 Trim 2.png

When activated the QR mechanism splits into two separate parts, these are shown in detail on the previous page. To refit the QR slide the tip of either side of the ‘flip/flop pin’ through the ‘grey rope loop’ and then flip the pin over by ninety degrees to catch the loop.

Gently slide the QR collar upwards and over the tip of the ‘flip/flop pin’, the push the QR collar home until it rests snugly against the ‘tension adjuster’ as shown in the previous image above.

Adjusting the QR tension

The release tension of the bypass/handlepass leash QR can be adjusted to suit your personal preference. Riders performing handlepass and unhooked tricks are much more likely to require increased protection from false releases of the leash.

Two methods exist to increase the release tension.

Method one

QR 07 Trim 3.png

Loosen the grub screw on the tension adjuster, an Allen key is supplied with the bar, then carefully slide the clear PU tubing that sits inside the tension adjuster towards the rope loop. Move the PU tubing no more than 1/8 inch before re-assembling and testing the QR to ensure you can still release the mechanism. Ensure the grub screw in the tension adjuster is firmly secured before using on the water.

Method two

QR 07 Trim 4.png

Loosen off the grub screw inserted into the tension adjuster ball and slide the adjuster ball downwards towards the karabiner. Remember to fully tighten the grub screw before attempting to use the leash.

Only small adjustments in adjuster position are required for a significant increase in release tension, we suggest that you move it a maximum of 1/4” Inch at any one time before testing the QR function.

The combination of moving the PU tubing away from the Karabiner and moving the tension adjuster ball towards the karabiner by the recommended increments should always give a sufficient increase in release tension to preclude accidental release.

Note: Do not modify the QR mechanism with the addition of any materials or modification of any components as this will reduce the functionality of the system and may put the rider at increased risk.


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