Choptop 2007

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Brand: Airush


  • 5'4" (164x47.5)


Answering the need for an all round board that delivers dependable enjoyment no matter what, Airush introduces the Choptop.

This board focuses on progressive riding styles and the demand for a board in "less than perfect" conditions. From light winds to onshore slop, Airush have developed a board that combines skim, wakeskate, and wave riding characteristics.


  • Combining the wave abilities of a surfboard with the throw around factor of a skimboard and wakeskate.
  • Innovative deck shape makes advanced strapless riding accessible to everyone due to concave deck, inspired by wakeskate riding.
  • Unique Surf rail to allow driving carves and bottom turns, with hard tucked edge for light wind planning.
  • Strapped configuration ideal for more challenging conditions such as onshore/windy wave riding or for dedicated strapped riders.
  • Wide tail and flat rocker entry for incredible light wind performance, with great high wind control due to the “Over the board” rider geometry.
  • This unique geometry enables aggressive power riding and a new dimension in control.
  • Wide planform and outer buoyancy makes transitions significantly easier than a skimboard or traditional directional.



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