Choptop 2008

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Brand: Airush


  • 164x47.5


The Choptop combines the wave abilities of a surfboard with the throw around factor of a skimboard or wakeskate. Unique to the Choptop the innovative deck shape and “over the board” rider geometry, makes advanced strapless riding more accessible than ever before, with grab rails adding a few more possibilities to your trick book. The strapped configuration is ideal for more challenging conditions such as onshore/windy wave riding or for dedicated strapped riders.

A unique surf rail and thruster fin configuration enables powerful bottom turns, with hard tucked edge, wide tail and flat rocker entry for increased light wind performance. The Choptop turns everything from light wind to onshore slop into the ultimate fun park.



Picboard choptop 2008 l.jpg




Choptop 2008 164x47.5 -

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