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Brand: Best


  • 140x46


Our schools and instructors like this board so much that they nicknamed it the ‘Chubby’. The 140 is perfect for absolute beginners and seasoned riders alike and is the #1 choice for all our instructors.

Built with more volume and a lightweight construction the Chubby will allow beginners to get up and riding faster than learners on other boards. In no time at all you’ll be cutting upwind and making your first transitions. If you want to accelerate your learning curve and maximise your instructor time, then there’s no better board to choose.

The Chubby has the same planning surface and great low end ability as any kite specific skim-board, but is a dedicated twin-tip, meaning you don’t have to learn how to gybe the board to get the best out of it, or have the board control of an experienced surfer. If you need an ultimate light wind solution, then look no further.

For experienced riders looking to milk the maximum low wind ability out of their kite quiver the Chubby is the natural choice, easy to push over onto the rail, yet compact enough to ride through challenging chop.

Using the same tried and tested ABS outer skin system as our Drive boards the Chubby not only feels great under your feet and looks good, but it’s as durable as any board on the market. If you are looking for a school board, or an additional board to extend the usable range of your biggest kite, then look no further.

Due to demand from schools and riders who want to use their first board as a light wind choice once they’ve made the progression to intermediate we’ve totally updated the 140 for the 07 season.


  • High Density foam core.
  • Scratch resistant printed top and bottom sheets.
  • Wide tunnel concave.
  • Marinized deck inserts.
  • Reinforced heel zone on upper deck.
  • Offset strap position for better railweight distribution.
  • Continuous rocker.
  • Length: 140cm
  • Width: 46cm
  • Tip Width: 27.8cm
  • Rocker: 2 Stage
  • Bottom: Concave
  • Stance: 40-52cm
  • Core: Polyurethane
  • Base: P-Tex
  • Bindings: NO
  • Foot Straps: YES


High volume design

With extra volume you get added buoyancy, the new Chubby allows you to ride when other riders are looking at surf boards or skim boards for light wind days.

Early planning

Added width and extra volume combine to deliver a board that gets going in the lightest wind, making it ideal for light wind days and learners who are safer making their first steps whilst marginally underpowered.

Offset strap inserts

Positioned towards the heel edge to allow you to rail the board harder, for beginners this makes the width more manageable, for intermediate riders it allows them to extract the last knot of wind power from their kites.

Wide tunnel concave

Simple rialto rail progression for beginners. Combined with our softened tip outline the concave on the Chubby makes learning transitions a cinch.

Marinized deck inserts

Because our schools demand the same quality on their tuition boards as they do on the personal boards of choice.

Reinforced heel zone

School boards take a beating lesson after lesson, the Chubby is reinforced exactly where it needs to be. Our new heel zone makes the Chubby more ding resistant than custom surfboards.



07chubby pic1.jpg

07chubby deck lg.jpg

07chubby bottom sm.jpg

07chubby concave lg.jpg

07chubby edge lg.jpg

07chubby rocker lg.jpg



Trim Tips

Suggested Fin Setup


  • 1"Grind
  • 1.5"Track
  • 1.8"Slash


  • 1.5"Track
  • 1.8"Slash
  • 2"Grip


  • 1.5"Track
  • 1.8"Slash
  • 2"Grip