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Brand: Naish


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Lessons are over and its time to find a kite designed for advancing riders with ambitious attitudes. The 2008 Code comes packed with all the performance and attitude of Sigma and Geo-Tech with the affordability to easily get into the sport of kiteboarding. Depower, stability, easy handling, and amazingly easy water relaunch performance come together in the 2008 Code.

The 2008 Code is a friendly all terrain kite that works in all conditions for beginners through intermediate riders, and the light, consistent bar pressure provided by the 1:1 2008 SLE Control System is comfortable and confidence inspiring at every level of riding.


  • Sigma Shape
  • Geo-Tech
  • Supported Leading Edge


  • SLE 1:1 Control System
  • “Ball-in Valves” strut bladders


  • Naish Quality
  • Dual 2-ply trailing edge
  • Molded trailing edge reinforcement
  • Molded bumpers
  • Aramid patches
  • New internal aramid reinforcements
  • Vertical seam struts
  • Delta-cut trailing edge
  • 2 piece LE


Kite Manual PDF

Kite Manual PDF

Octopus Manual PDF

Octopus Manual PDF

Product PDF

Product PDF


Code 2008 1.png

Code 2008 2.png

Code 2008 3.png

Code 2008 4.png

Code 2008 5.png

Code 2008 6.png

Code 2008 7.png

Code 2008 8.png

Code 2008 9.png



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