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Brand: Core


  • 5.0
  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 15.0


COMBAT, the first 2nd generation delta kite

  • Unrestricted suitability for Waves, Freeride, Freestyle, New School
  • Unifies all kite designs in one Kite
  • Delivers performance and safety at the same time
  • Fast-Pump-System: Say good bye to backache
  • Meticulously constructed to near perfection
  • Economic thinking: Only one bar fits all sizes
  • NEW: Revolutionary, automated relaunch
  • NEW: Absolute direct feeling unlike any Delta, Bow or Hybrid kite
  • NEW: Short depower-travel, keeps the adjuster within easy reach
  • NEW: The Delta with the lowest steering and bar forces
  • NEW: Intelligent bridle-concept, avoids tangles on the kite
  • NEW: Kite inversions through one of the two large bridle “Vs” impossible
  • NEW: Short 5th-line, optional Long 5th-line


From the moment you unpack a Core-Kite the meticulous quality of workmanship and attention to detail becomes obvious.

Not rushed: A full 8month of development, countless prototypes and rigorous testing paid off.

Unique on the Combat: The steering and bar forces are exceptionally low. Furthermore the Combat’s immediate and direct response to steering impulses is unique amongst Delta, Bow and Hybrid kites.

The feedback from the bar is excellent, consistently relaying information about the kite’s position to the rider. This was achieved through a very efficient bridle-system and the use of expensive, almost wear-resistant and stretch free bridle-lines that are found on high-end Paragliders.


The Relaunch of the Combat is automated, even when swimming in deep water. This is not a standard feature of all Delta-Kites on the market.

Pumping made easy: The Combat is equipped with the proven, easy to use and service free ONE-PUMP-SYSTEM. Within no time the whole kite is inflated via one single valve.

Through the optimisation of the bridle-system it was possible to shorten the depower-travel substantially and to eliminate any form of bridle tangles on this Delta-Kite.


In constant search of perfection during the construction of a Core-Kite only the highest quality cloths and materials are used and combined with refined seam patterns to produce a unique and distinguished product.

What is different in comparison to other Delta-Kites?

Combat, the Delta from Core

The designers and developers from Hiss-Tec Fehmarn (Carved Kiteboarding), the benchmark brand for quality in kitesurfing, introduce in addition to their best selling, top performing “RIOT”, the brand new “COMBAT”. The first Delta-kite of the 2nd Generation:

Typical virtues of the Delta-Shape

  • The Combat is an outright Delta-Kite and combines all kite styles in one kite.
  • It offers performance and safety at the same time.
  • The automated relaunch is revolutionary.
  • Power on demand.
  • The usable range is massive with lots of high and low end.
  • Its turning characteristics are unbeatable.

Where does the Combat deliver where other Deltas don’t?

The Combat is multi-talented and differs substantially from the Deltas of the 1st generation.

No undefined, spongy feedback anymore.

The unrestricted suitability for Waves, Freeride, Freestyle and New School is guarantied thanks to the consistent and direct feedback from the kite. The spongy feeling of past designs has gone and all bar inputs are relayed directly to the kite. Supported by the ESP Bar-Construction we have to say that this is the most progressive and direct steering found on any Delta, Bow or Hybrid.

Reduced bar-forces and depower-travel.

The tuning specialists from the Island in the Baltic Sea were able to substantially reduce the typically high bar-forced of Delta-Kites. This was achieved through the use of a new, optimised bridle-concept which leaves the bar pressure at the kite.

Furthermore a long depower-travel that results in difficulties when trying to reach the adjuster is now a thing of the past. Time intensive adjustments of the connection points at the kite delivered the targeted results.

Through this it was possible to achieve a very harmonic and constant power-curve. Thanks to an intelligent bridle positioning it was possible to further reduce the diameter of the leading edge and struts, resulting in a more alive kite. A side note: No more bridle-tangles on the kite.

Light, distinguished and robust at the same time.

Through the reduced use of Dacron in favour of the more expensive Canopy-Cloth the COMBAT turned out light and distinguishes itself from other products on the market. All relevant areas have been reinforced with Kevlar patches so that you could almost launch the Kite on concrete. All prototypes survived countless heavy reef/rock contacts and rinse-cycles in the washing machines of Hawaii.


The proven, comfortable One-Pump-System will convince when pumping up the kite. Without a doubt the most reliable and maintenance free inflation system on the market.

Relaunch isn’t always Relaunch, especially after a hard wash-cycle

Who hasn’t seen the videos of Auto-Relaunch in knee-deep water? Only when you can relaunch a Delta-Kite without problems whilst swimming in deep water, can we really talk about Auto-Relaunch: The Relaunch of the COMBAT remains fully functioning even after the hardest of wave beatings. This is because inversions of the Kite through one of the deep bridle “Vs” often found on 1st generation Deltas is impossible.

Safety: Short 5th Line

Thank to the "Short 5th Line" which is connected to the top of the adjuster, the COMBAT is the first 4-line Kite with a high level of safety. The "Short 5th Line" can be changed for an optional “Long 5th Line“.

Longevity, construction in search of perfection

Without question all Hiss-Tec products are created with "German Engineering" and in a "German-owned Production". Once more setting the standard for durable, long lasting materials and quality of workmanship. Unique seam designs combined with service friendly construction. Even the bridle-pulley-lines are universal and easily replaceable.


Because the flying lines can be connected to either the inside or the outside of the Core-ESP-Bars ends it is possible to use just one bar for all sizes from 5-15qm. This makes the choice easy when using different kite sizes and saves money for the next holiday.


We have been told that we are the best when it comes to Service and we are famous for offering a reliable, efficient and fast claims procedure.

CORE Kites - "Designed, tested and approved by the CARVED Team.


  • COMBAT 5.0: 6-8 Bft, 23-40 knots
  • COMBAT 7.0 5-7 Bft, 17-35 knots
  • COMBAT 9.0 4-6,5 Bft, 12-29 knots
  • COMBAT 12.0 3-6 Bft, 10-23 knots
  • COMBAT 15.0 2,5-5 Bft, 8-19 knots



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