Compact 2004

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Brand: Airush


  • 133x36
  • 138x37
  • 140x38


The Compact was born from the new higher-powered style of transitional freestyle riding. It's short length and narrow width makes it ideal for handling more aggressive styles. Yet it retains enough rail length and directional stability with the 6-fin layout and tuned Flex control to handle wave riding with ease. The Sectional Rail Uplift delivers controlled bite that is both direct and progressive, giving lots of feedback under critical loadings; it handles the most powerful styles of riding easily. In this respect it takes over from the much acclaimed Switch Pro of last year, yet the Compact holds a great deal more low end power planning ability and efficiency. It is a high-powered all rounder that suits all twin tip riding styles.



2004 compact 133.gif

2004 compact 138.gif

2004 compact 140.gif



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