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Brand: Ozone



Chickenloop 08

  • Ergonomic spinning handle – no more tangled power lines
  • One handed effortless & intuitive re-load for the D-Power-Loop
  • Large smooth release handle – easy to locate
  • Expert Leash attachment ring on Molded D-Power-loop for Experts to leash to for tangle-free un-hooked riding
  • New 08 cleaner trim system design with our industry leading specialist wear proof D-Power Line >> No more replacing your D-Power line every month! Watch this space – every other brand will have this line for 09!
  • Wide Mouth – D-Power Loop – Super easy for hooking in and out
  • Bar insert – For effortless unhooked re-loading
  • Swiveling D-Power Loop lock in finger – Easy to move out the way when riding unhooked

Bar 08

  • New 08 bar with composite bar ends with embedded foam make it easy on your fingers
  • Clearly colour coded bar ends
  • Elastic line fasteners to keep your lines tidy
  • Composite compression molded bar ends positively tested to 350kg easy on the body when it goes wrong
  • Conical Polished stainless steel insert top and bottom to reduce line wear and friction
  • Foam leader line floats to protect your hands and to keep the bar floating
  • Back line Trimmers – adjust your back lines with ease and choose your preferred setting
  • Clamcleat Trimmer – Effortless to use for extra depower or when riding unhooked
  • Flag-Out Handle on front power line – used to flag out the kite in an emergency or for self landing

2008-Controlsystem flyer2-2.jpg

2:1 depower trim strap which gives each model a constant feel from normal trim to full depower using the smooth clamcleat Trimmer Strap. For 08 3-way rings made in highest grade 316 Stainless

Control System 2008 2.jpg Control System 2008 3.jpg

New 08 Stopper ball for the safety flag out line so that the bar does not shoot up the lines to far when emergency final safety release is activated. (span width of kite)

Control System 2008 4.jpg


Ozone believes in the same philosophy as the IKO standard for safety release with 3 stages to a safety system.

  • 1st Primary safety (let go of bar)
  • 2nd Release chickenloop to flag out the kite and release all power (Ozone’s new 2008 “Megatron” Molded D-Power Loop
  • 3rd Release safety leash if still in danger (leash is attached to flag out line)

The 1st stage of safety for any Instinct rider when feeling uncomfortable or in danger with any Instinct model is to release the bar completely; the kite will depower and wait at the edge of the wind window. The beginner to intermediate rider is leashed into the flag out line and advanced to expert riders should attach to the flag out line when launching or landing.

Control System 2008 11.JPG Control System 2008 12.jpg


Control System 2008 13.gif

Advanced to expert riders can attach their leash directly to the D-Power Loop stainless ring for tangle free unhooked riding. This is for expects only as the rider is still connected to the kite even if they activate the D-Power safety release. But if for example they drop the bar whilst unhooked the Kite will just depower and drop to the edge of wind window making going for those un-hooked moves stress free every time. To fully disconnect from the kite in an emergency situation for riders attached to the D-Power loop leash ring they would have to release the safety leash to be 100% disconnected from the kite.

If the rider is in an emergency situation and has already released the bar (1st stage safety) he/she can then pull Ozone’s new 08 easy to locate chickenloop release which kill’s the kites power 100% thanks to the flag out system on one of the power lines.

Control System 2008 14.jpg Control System 2008 15.jpg


Control System 2008 16.gif

New for 08 is our flag-out line stopper ball >> To stop the bar getting to far away from the rider once released = no more line tangles once safety activated.

The Ozone setup also has a user friendly O-shit handle on one of the power lines as additional backup for more advanced riders that are riding unhooked or find themselves in a squall/emergency situation where they need to know they can kill the power with confidence every time just by reaching up to the O-Shit handle. All kites are supplied with the new 2008 safety leash offering Ozone’s easy to grab release handle with full neoprene protection over the bungee webbing leash that’s easy on the body for those failed handle-pass attempts.



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