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Brand: Airush


  • 6'0x18.25
  • 6'2x18.75



This revelation in versatility has changed the way many riders view wave riding. Smaller kites, bigger boards, strapped, strapless with dedicated surf performance for no wind situations.

The higher volume and ability to run a smaller kite means you can ride more vertically with more snap than imaginable a few years ago.


  • Airush introduced the first true convertible in 2006 and have taken this concept to a new level for 07.
  • 6’0” Model for lighter riders and higher wind conditions.
  • Developed specifically to replace your light wind kite board in your quiver and give you the freedom to have one board for traveling - surfing and kiting.
  • Dedicated strapless or strapped surf kiters who would like to have the enhanced durability when compared to a normal surfboard will love this board.



Rails: Tucked surf rails based on a small to medium wave surf requirements

Rocker: The Converse 6’2 features a rocker oriented towards smaller wave surfing and light wind kiting. The 6’0” is a more progressive rocker for all round wave use.

Flex: A Biaxial layup ensures flex characteristics similar to a polyester surfboard, but with the weight characteristics of sandwich construction.

Bottom shape: Single concave bottom for early planning, control and a smooth ride in chop.

Outline: A dedicated small to medium wave Surfboard outline. This works together with all the other aspects of the Converse 6’2” design for perfect waveriding in light to medium wind conditions. 6’0” features a more progressive outline for all round wave use ideal for bigger waves or higher wind use.

Fins: FCS fins with PVC reinforced inserts.


The Flytech construction is suitable for high volume kiteboards due to its low density and therefore core weight. The lightweight core is combined with unidirectional and standard glass. This lay up ensures that the boards remain as light as possible and still survive the abuse.The Flytech construction allows us to feature a tucked rail shape, which is more forgiving and ideal for surf oriented products.

2007 Converse Construction.jpg


At Airush our passion for building the ultimate kiteboard verges on religious fanaticism. Central to our design process is shape technology. By prototyping and testing among our design centers in Australia, Hawaii, and the UK, we focus on developing technology that will suit various riding styles and accommodate diverse conditions around the world. As kiteboarding diversifies, Airush has focused on developing various core, rail, and laminate technologies to ensure the best strength-to-weight ratio in each product and to offer the highest level of shape-enhancing performance. New developments on high volume boards, such as the Flytech Construction, ensure that we can offer reduced weight in the Converse series. In lower volume products such as the Protoy, where massive amounts of flex and damage tolerance are required, we have developed the definitive spinal core. In its second year, our unique Biotech vertical-wood sandwich has proven itself as a benchmark for durability and smooth responsiveness.

Core Technology & Construction Technology

Kiteboards are exposed to a complex matrix of forces that place significant load on the laminates and cores. Through ongoing development we have optimized the strength, durability, and flex response to meet the demands of each rider group. Too much board flex is not always a good thing. Riders who are heavier or ride more overpowered would generally prefer a slightly stiffer board. Riders who are lighter or prefer to ride with slightly less power would normally prefer a slightly more flexible board.



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Converse 2007 6'2x18.75 -

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