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Slovakia: Crazy Fly s.r.o. gen. M. R. Štefánika 19 911 01 Trenčín

Tel: 00421 32 743 42 72

E-Mail: info@crazy-fly.com

GPS coordinates: N 48°53’35.00’’ E 18°03’21.00’’



To introduce our company and the history of our company,we have been producing windsurf boards only in the past. Because of the huge popularity and great opportunity which came with the beggining of a brand new sport – kiteboarding – we switched to kiteboarding production only in 1999 and focused heavily to produce the highest quality boards possible.

Now we are a producer of CrazyFly kiteboards, trainer kites and accessories with our own factory located in Slovakia, Europe. We have long term experiences with kiteboards production since 1999. Our office is in the same place as our production, which means we have all the information about manufacturing processes immediately. We can act very fast if we need to change anything and we are conscious of the big advantage of having our own production facility in the heart of Europe.

We are a very flexible, fast moving and growing company, which can easily adjust to any market demands and satisfy them. We are constantly innovating and improving all the proceses and products in order to deliver the best quality products to our customers. Working on new projects and taking on challenges is a must for us.

This is why, CrazyFly is quality you can trust.