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Brand: CrazyFly


  • 127x38
  • 132x39
  • 135x41


CrazyFly continues to be one of the few brands producing boards specially designed for girls. Inspired by the success of 2008 design, our designers chose more vivid colors, which made the boards even more visually attractive. Girl’s board does not only look good, but also exhibits high quality and performs / rides incredibly well on water. Improved progressive flex on the tips and the new shock absorbing system provides softer landings, which prevents your knees from pain.

Girls 2009 high class construction combines the new CNC shaped wood core and the 4 axis glass, which enhances the properties of the board, such as flex, pop, and carving abilities. CrazyFly’s new super light weight dual density pads are now more adjustable than ever before. This new technology enables the rider to adjust the stance angle of the pads in a few seconds. Concave bottom and the 3 Dimensional hand fine finished ABS rails comforts smooth riding and carving.

Girls board comes with Quick Fix system small S straps, handle, and G 10 fins, which match the design of the board.

Boards features:

  • 3T CNC wood core tip to tip
  • stance angle adjustable pads
  • lightweight dual density EVA pads
  • small s straps
  • 3D ABS rails
  • G 10 fins
  • progressive flex tips
  • shock absorbing system
  • Quick Fix strap system
  • concave bottom
  • 4 axial fiber system



Crazyfly Girls 2009 1.png



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