Crazyfly Wave 2008

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Brand: Crazyfly


  • 5'5 (165x44)


Wave – The vast power of ocean is waiting to be challenged. Ocean looks so beautiful with all existing shades of blue. It's moving blocks of water rocking on the beach create an unforgettable sound which rings in our ears asking for an answer. Foam so white and creamy with a crystal clear Ocean spray shows the beauty to attract us, and can not be found anywhere else. People love the Ocean and had always been curious about it's behavior. We give you the option to experience the very best of Ocean's beauty. With our Wave board everyone can become part of one of the most powerful element on the earth.

CrazyFly wave board is constructed with Multiaxial glass epoxy, has high density EPS core and real surf rails tucked under edge. Unique way of production creates one of the lightest and one of the most durable products on the market. Concave bottom with a fast scoop rocker line enables the rider to gain speed quickly, and to keep the right control over the board we equipped this board with three minituttle carbon fins. Our wave board is quick and aggressive in turns and is suitable to be powered in the hardest conditions as well as for fun easy going ride in smaller waves. It comes with two EVApro footpads with a heel step and two symmetrical adjustable footstraps which can be removed from the board to bring the option of unstrapped riding.


  • Flex: Stiff
  • Straps: Symetric
  • Pads: Wave
  • Fins: 11cm Epoxi
  • Core: EPS
  • Construction: Epoxi
  • Bottom Shape: Concave
  • Scoop Rocker: Wave
  • Riding Style: Waveriding


  • 5'5 (165x44): 2.7 kg



Crazyfly wave 2008 1.jpg



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