Crazyfly Wave 2009

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Brand: CrazyFly


  • 5'5 (165x44)


Challenge the power of ocean waves with the new 2009 CrazyFly wave board.

CrazyFly 2009 wave board comes in two different sizes 6'2 and 5'5 and both of these are ready to rock even the in the biggest waves and in high powered conditions. Wave has the construction of a real surf board. High density EPS core reinforced with wood on the deck are the most balanced combination for the best wave riding experience. Real surf rails tucked under edge make it easy to hold carves perfectly, whether it is a sharp one or a wider one. Flat rocker and concave bottom generate superior rocket like glide to make you feel like a flying bullet. Unlike a real bullet, this one is under control. Due to its round tail shape this wave board’s responsiveness and agility, with low effort from the rider, is incredible. Unique way of construction, not only makes CrazyFly wave board one of the lightest and most durable products on the market, but also enhances floatability. Great floatability of this wave board fuses the rider with one of the most stable boards, which a very important feature of any wave board. It also enables the rider to use a smaller kite, and gives the advantage of faster turns and more aggressive riding. Our new 2009 EVA pro one piece footpad offers a variety of riding styles: strapped riding as well as strap less riding, or riding with one strap only.

Offering two different sizes, the 6'2 suits even the heavier riders due to greater floatability. CrazyFly’s bigger wave generates more speed easier, and enhances the stability. On the other hand the 5'5 suits lighter riders more and is a little bit more responsive and agile. Both sizes come with one piece EVA pro footpad with heel step, symmetrical straps, and three minituttle carbon fins. It is hard to find the right wave in the ocean, but it is easy to find the right CrazyFly wave board.



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