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Brand: Cabrinha


  • 7.0
  • 9.0
  • 10.0
  • 11.0
  • 13.0
  • 16.0


The Crossbow IDS launches Cabrinha into an entirely new era of Performance Freeriding by raising the standard of kite control and handling yet again. At the heartbeat of this new design is our innovative Intelligent Depower System (IDS) technology.

The Crossbow IDS delivers in all areas of power and range of use that you would expect from a Cabrinha Freeride kite. We have implemented a Dynamic Arc progression, which reduces the flatness of the arc as the kite size gets smaller. The larger sized kites have the flattest arcs and highest aspect ratios for light wind efficiency and a wider wind range. The smaller kite sizes have a conservative arc and lower aspect ratios for control and handling in stronger winds. This unique design progression makes the Crossbow a chameleon when it comes to challenging wind conditions. Fast flying, quick turning and a wide wind range blow the doors wide open for high performance riding in any type of discipline or conditions.



  • All new freeride design
  • Intelligent Depower System
  • Dynamic Arc Progression
  • Powerdrive IDS Control System
  • Light Bar Pressure
  • New Durability Measures
  • Improved airlock airflow


  • IDS Bridle
  • Absolute Depower
  • Powerdrive IDS
  • Dynamic Arc Progression
  • Sprint
  • Improved LE Closing seam
  • Tuning Options
  • Ultra bomb canopy reinforcement
  • Flat seams
  • New bridle pulleys
  • New pulley bridle line
  • Industry leading QR
  • Improved airlock valve


Product PDF

[ 09 Xbow Press Release]


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Photo Credits: Tracy Kraft


IDS 2009 Promo Video

Sprint Inflation System



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