Cruiser Pro 2009

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Brand: CrazyFly


  • 135x46
  • 145x44
  • 145x48


Cruiser Pro is a light wind machine. This new version is a very speedy board and offers a lot of fun even during low wind riding. Our precisely developed construction gives this board easy early planning ability even in very light winds which is very enjoyable. Medium flex of this board suits intermediate riders as well as more experienced riders. It rides comfortably in choppy waters, has flat rocker and narrower tips which makes it a great light wind board. Its upwind ability is superior which is especially important with light wind boards.

Wood Core and Nano Carbon technologies make the board very light considering its size. CNC shaped and hand fine finished 3Dimensional ABS rails are of course a part of Cruiser Pro. This year we offer three different sizes 135x46, 145x44, and 145x48. We choose smaller G10 fins for less drag. It comes with Lightweight Dual Density EVA footpads, Quick Fix Straps, G10 fins, and a handle. We build Cruiser Pro with the high quality materials available, so you can really rock even in low winds.

This Board is also available in 4-Axis glass construction with 3T CNC Wood Core Tip To Tip and 154x39 or 154x44 size. We called it simply Cruiser.

Boards features:

  • 3T CNC wood core tip to tip
  • stance angle adjustable pads
  • lightweight dual density EVA pads
  • nano fiber carbon technology
  • 3D ABS rails
  • G 10 fins
  • progressive flex tips
  • shock absorbing system
  • Quick Fix strap system



Cruiser Pro 2009 1.png



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