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Brand: Naish


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Following the path blazed by the 2008 version, the 2009 Cult remains as the ultimate user-friendly, all terrain kite that made it a rider favorite last year. The Cult remains as the one kite that will work for a majority of the world’s riders.


The focus for the 2009 Cult was to improve the turning speed of the larger sizes, extending the low-end power, and making an even easier relaunch. The Cult has outstanding all-terrain performance, depower, and handling making it a superior all-around kite. Whether you are looking to jump, wave-ride, unhook, or just cruise, the ’09 version of the Cult is better than ever in all categories.

The Cult is designed for beginner through advanced riders seeking a stable, easy-handling kite. Beginners will enjoy the smooth and responsive steering, light bar pressure, and massive depower capability. Advanced riders will appreciate the balanced feel hooked-in or unhooked. Its easy relaunch will help beginner to advanced get back up and going at a moments notice.

Cult Technology


  • Sigma Outline
  • Geo-Tech
  • Supported Leading Edge
  • New Direct Response Steering
  • New Low-Drag Wingtip


  • Naish Quality
  • Dual 2-ply LE
  • Molded TE Reinforcement
  • Molded EVA/PU bumpers
  • Aramid Patches
  • Internal Arimid Reinforcements
  • Vertical Seam Struts
  • Delta-Cut Trailing Edge 2 Piece LE


  • Octopus Inflation System
  • SLE Control System

Direct Response Steering

The angle of attack on the wing tips has been increased to keep them more actively engaged. The wingtip instantly reacts to bar input and produces drag on one tip while accelerating the other.

Low Drag Wingtip

New geometry of the wingtip reduces the overall surface of the non-lifting portion and reduces the drag. This makes the wingtip faster through the air and more responsive to turns.


The 2009 Cult continues as a Sigma Shape LE kite. By moving the center behind the tow point, the kite produces a balanced linear power with light bar pressure at all angles of attack.


By incorporating straight segments in the LE from strut to strut, canopy tension is kept constant. This provides the kite with a wrinkle free canopy and no collapsing to assure a huge sweet spot.



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