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Brand: Wind-X


  • 9.0
  • 12.0
  • 16.0


Introducing the Cyclonez, the WiND-X Bow Kite Design. The whole design is inspired by simplicity. Fitted with the reliable bow-kite bridles.

Windnovation continuously experiment on new settings which must be proven and the results being repeated before any changes takes place.

The Cyclonez, is one of the safest kites around as the de-power range is great and would fit a huge range of riders from beginners to advance. A kite for almost every rider. It has:

  • Reduced bar pressure
  • Moderate Aspect Ratio Design
  • Total De-power
  • Cross Active Bridle System
  • All-round tough stitching

Bow Kite Design

Cyclonez 2007 bow-feature-1.jpg

Made for safety. Designed to de-power. Bow bridle system. Materials are properly planned before cutting to lower down ripping on the canopy. Designed with quality materials to produce the best outcome possible.

Leading edge and struts: dacron 160g/sqm Canopy: Polyester Ripstop 52g/sqm Reinforcements on TE and canopy: mark cloth Bladders: TPU film with 0.11mm thickness Pigtails: Amsteel rope

Excellent Workmanship

Cyclonez 2007 bow-feature-2.jpg

Testing on the strength of the ripstop fabric and thread is done to make sure Cyclonez withstand the pressure of the wind. Windnovation, WiND-X's R&D arm has with its on-going test on the best stitching methods, plus methods in putting the whole kite together to ensure that we produce excellent quality with top performance handling. It's simple, it's inspired by simplicity.

Cross Active Bridle System is a system we develop to make our kites more responsive and able to absorb every input from the rider in almost any position in the sky and behave in a controlled and predictable way (even in gusts).

Reinforced Stitching

Cyclonez 2007 bow-feature-3.jpg

WiND-X uses reinforced stitching using polyester hydrophilic thread makes our seaming and stitching one of the toughest in the market. The length of the stitching, where to be stitched, have been thought by the people in Windnovation as to make the kite light to achieve flight supremacy.

Surface to Struts Contact

Cyclonez 2007 bow-feature-4.jpg

The struts are connected flatly with reinforced stitching to make sure that our kite have a rigid structure during flight. Thinner struts cuts down turbulence behind the leading edge.

Heavy Duty Strut Tip

Cyclonez 2007 bow-feature-5.jpg

A protective layer is stitched unto the tip of the struts to minimize wear and tear on the kite. It will take the punishing you give but fly with respect.

Expandable Bag Pack

This bag-pack can store your kite well folded up or it could be expanded. Nothing bulky about it. Just simple and practical to move the other gears like bars, lines and repair kits.


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Product PDF

Product PDF


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