D-Wave 2007

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Brand: Skywalker


  • 139x48
  • 150x46


Completely redesigned for 2007, the D-WAVE is designed for bigger waves, stronger winds, radical bottom turns, and cut backs. Feeling more like a surf board, the D-WAVE gets you out in the glass sooner, remaining loose underfoot but with plenty of bite in the turn due to our original concept of 3D rails -- "tucked under edge" on the nose, and "sharp" on the tail. The 8cm fins are set in "thruster" configuration and guarantee a solid grip in the turns. It bends in the radical turns like a snowboard, fitting its rocker line to the turning radius. While straight-on riding, the rocker line is relatively flat which enables perfect planning. D-WAVE truly is a high-end board, and we hope that many top-riders will appreciate its unbeatable parameters, durability, and reliability. Complete Weight: 7.15 lbs./3.25 kg.

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Colors board dimitri dwave green.jpg

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Dwave fins.jpg

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