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DVNT Kiteboarding - from the greatest kiteboarding testing grounds in the world - New Zealand. Producing quality kiteboards since 2001. Manufactured in NZ until 2009 and now overseas, which has enabled us to start exporting much more of our product to other countires to enjoy also.

Dealer /distribution enquiries welcome.


Since 2001

Fresh for 2010, DVNT presents the Quest 135, an explosive all-rounder built ultra-tough and bristling with the latest lamination technology. At first glance, the Quest's wake/freestyle inspired outline, flat bottom and understated rocker shout light-wind machine, but there's much more to offer. Under the scratch-proof sublimated 'space pirates' graphics lies a multi-laminated flawless paulownia core. The strength of this eco-friendly wood is reinforced with carbon top and bottom and fully wrapped with triaxial glass, a dvnt exclusive design feature that delivers unmatched torsional rigidity and powerful flex on demand. ABS sidewalls and tips complete the extremely durable construction and rounded rails give a user-friendly soft ride.

The Quest 135 x 40 is the ideal 'one board solution' for most 70-90 kilo riders in real world conditions, but feels best in moderate to high wind flat-water freestyle conditions. It is blindingly fast and has a very positive release from the water when pop is demanded. Overall, this board is a gimmick-free, good-looking, smooth riding design that will go the distance.

New Zealand designer, DVNT is no newcomer to the game and has a proven track record creating kiteboards since 2001. The Quest is shipped as a bare deck allowing customisation of fins and straps. Stainless 6mm inserts allow three different stance options from narrow to wake/freestyle wide. Fly DVNT!




Orewa, Auckland,New Zealand:


Tel: +64 (0)9 4276296 land +64 (0)21 861239 mobile

E-Mail: see website contact info


New Dealer/distribution Enquiries Very Much Welcome - Unbeatable wholesale pricing on an awesome product.

France - Distributor Unity BRC, 12 Rue Du Point Leon, Langueux 22360, France. +33 9 52 68 49 33 www.unity-brc.com contact@unity-brc.com

Australia - Distributor Invert Industries, Unit 7e/ 256 New Line Road, NSW 2158, Australia + 61 413 359 675 steven_a@iprimus.com.au

New Zealand - Distributor DVNT Kiteboarding, Orewa, Auckland 1461, New Zealand +64 21 861239 dvntsignup010208@ihug.co.nz

New Dealer Enquiries Welcome Retailers

New Zealand, Shops and Kiteschools.

NZ Board Store, 5 Raymond St, Pt Chevalier, Auckland (09) 815 0683 www.nzboardstore.co.nz

Onu Kiteschool, Wellington. (04) 529 8933 Mobile: 021 037 4651 www.onukiteschool.co.nz

Kitesurf Nelson, 8 The Sands, 623 Rocks Road,Tahunanui, Nelson 7011. 0800 548 363 www.kitesurfnelson.co.nz info@kitesurfnelson.co.nz

Gag Raglan, 9 Bow Street, Raglan.(0)7 825 8702 http://www.gagraglan.com info@gagraglan.com

Learntokitesurf.co.nz Shop, Orewa, Auckland. (09) 4276296 mobile 021 861239 www.learntokitesurf.co.nz


New Zealand just happens to be one of the best locations on earth for boardriders. We have been representing the boardriding lifestyle since 2001.

We were the first company in the world to gain experience by applying snowboard construction (sidewalls) to kiteboards in 2002 and also to undertake scientific testing (ie measuring deflection for given load) of board flex versus performance. Our kiteboard products have a great reputation for performance, quality and durability amongst riders around the world.

DVNT have sponsored/supported the Mambo Meribula Waveriding Classic (Australia), The New Zealand Freestyle Nationals, the Raglan Freeride and the Perth Rail Jam.


As kite designs and styles have changed through the years so have our kiteboards to adjust to this as well as different riding styles. Some of our product from 2001 through to 2010.