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Brand: JN


  • 6.0
  • 8.0
  • 10.0


JN flat arc concept for strong and medium winds.

JN branded their new performance oriented Easy Kiting concept DA VINCI, hinting at a groundbreaking technical innovation. JN’s developers came up with a new clever strategy: DA VINCI comes in two versions, both carefully adjusted to exponentially increasing wind strengths.

JN use their flat arc hybrid concept for smaller kites (sizes 6, 8 and 10m²), characterized by a wide depower range and exceptionally easy handling. The smallest kite (size 6 m2) develops moderate speed and gives precise handling and a good amount of pull. It is the first small-sized kite to combine such depower abilities and precise handling. From now on, you won’t need to fight through storms – you can cruise the waves and concentrate on learning jumps in strong winds.

Easy to handle and still sporty and agile enough for freestyle manoeuvres. Every kite of the DA VINCI range is well balanced so as to help you find the right pitch angle at the edge of the wind window. Therefore, accidentally under-jumping is hardly possible. However, JN strongly disapprove of kiters going out in dangerous wind conditions to test a kite for 100% depower, as such a feature would be physically impossible. JN have chosen to fit the DA VINCI kites with a safe and reliable fifth line, relying not on complicated bridle systems but on the original auto-stable shape of the kite. Once riders let go of the bar or pull the quick release, they control the kite with one line; it is still possible to do a quick and clean relaunch. Freestylers who practise tricks over and over again can put the fifth line to good use; in varying wind conditions using a fifth line is also a safety measure not only for the rider, but also for whoever else might be within range of the kite. Safety comes first.

DA VINCI kites have a stunning depower and vast wind range. They sit steady in the sky, with a solid bottom and good top end. The shape is stable even in gusts of strong wind – no flopping or jelly-fishing. JN are proud to deliver engineered auto-stable performance kites that do not need additional stabilization. DA VINCI kites are sporty, easy to handle Freeride / Freestyle kites, aimed at riders of every looking for stability, range, depower, safety and comfort.


  • flat arc concept for better efficiency and easy handling
  • JN engineered auto-stable and pure canopy design with small V front line bridle
  • ‘round arc shape’ of main tube segments to optimize the air flow
  • ‘floating batten’ system to enhance the air flow and reduce weight
  • adjustable 5th line for better handling and safety
  • solid quality and well evolved features to enhance the kite’s lifespan


  • early planning
  • gently increasing power development
  • small turning radius for easy handling e.g. gentle kiteloops
  • direct steering without any irritating bar pressure
  • super easy to re-launch
  • very large wind range
  • well balanced canopy to avoid back or front stalls and being able to avail of the advantages

of a flat kite profile, e.g. get an extra punch by speeding the kite if wanted



DV 2008 8.jpg

DV 2008 10.jpg


DV 2008 JN P020907 046.jpg



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