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Brand: JN


  • 12.0
  • 15.0


JN flat arc BAT concept for light and medium winds.

The BAT concept was specifically developed for the bigger sizes of the DA VINCI range. Michael Nesler and the JN Team have successfully enhanced the 12 and 15m² kites with their distinctive BAT design recognizable by the characteristic sting in its outline. These two sizes feature small battens at the tip to improve turning and give direct feedback to the bar. It has proved useful to have a specific design for medium and light wind conditions – larger kites need to have a different set of characteristics. Thanks to early planing in light wind conditions and fantastically easy upwind travel it is possible to have 100% fun even in the smallest breeze. JN exactly adjust every kite size to its corresponding wind conditions.

The DA VINCI BAT shape brings two major advantages:

It gives significantly more stability and makes re-launching the kite easier and quicker.

  • The bat-like sting actively helps the kite in finding the optimum pitch angle. With this

“adjustment support”, going upwind becomes much easier. The sting acts like a tail in the wind, while the BAT shape buffers gusts and smoothly compensates wind lulls.

  • The fifth line makes for an easy –launch. The outline of the DA VINCI BAT is

fashioned to make the kite turns on its own, glide to the edge of the wind window and wait for the launch. Thanks to the BAT shape, it is also easier for the tips to leave the water. Re-launching a kite has become astonishingly easy, and even beginners do not necessarily have to stick to shallow water spots.


  • new flat arc bat concept for more stability: focus on mid- and low winds
  • JN engineered auto-stable and pure canopy design with small V front line bridle
  • ‘round arc shape’ of main tube segments to optimize the air flow
  • ‘floating batten’ system to enhance the air flow and reduce weight
  • adjustable 5th line for better handling and safety
  • solid quality and well evolved features to enhance the kite’s lifespan


  • very early planning and BAT-supported upwind abilities
  • gently increasing power development
  • small turning radius for easy handling e.g. gentle kiteloops
  • direct steering without any irritating bar pressure
  • super easy to re-launch also in low winds
  • well balanced canopy to avoid back or front stalls and being able to avail of the advantages

of a flat kite profile, e.g. get an extra punch by speeding the kite if wanted



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