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David and Susan Kay


3 Kepa Road Ruakaka New Zealand

Tel: + 64 9 4328 347




The Designer

DK has been designing and riding kiteboards since 2000. When getting into the sport he imagined riding a board similar to a wake board, rather than the 2m+ long directionals that were common. He found his wakeboard did not work optimally and believed he knew how to make it work better. So naturally, thanks to an engineering background, he set out to build his own rocker table and board.

Designing started out as trial and error, which all helped to form a database of design factors in DK's head. This has been supplemented by the sharing of knowledge with other board builders - proffesional and recreational - to create a good understanding of what makes a great feeling ride.

The Design location

In 2001 Decay Kiteboards was born in Christchurch with it's glassy smooth to short chop estuary, onshore and occasionally cross-shore wave riding and open-water on the freshwater lakes an hour away. This proved a great development ground in the summer months - however in winter the riding was slim. In 2005 Decay Kiteboards shifted north to Ruakaka in the North of the North Island. A location that has every wind direction covered within 15 minutes drive of the workshop; Open-water in the harbour, flat water behind the sand bars, tide assisted riding in the estuaries and wave riding with options of cross shore from left or right and onshore or off shore conditions. This means testing can be done in real world conditions - like where you ride!