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Brand: Flexifoil


  • 129x38.5
  • 134x40
  • 139x41.5


The new Flexifoil Delta boards have been created for intermediate and experienced riders who are looking for a kiteboard to use in a wide range of conditions. The board has been carefully designed to focus on rider comfort, ease of use and versatility. With strong red graphics on the underside and a high level of detail throughout, this board stands out on the beach. This high quality construction is matched by the impressive performance whilst on the water. The Delta’s ease of use enables any level of rider to excel in their chosen discipline.


The Delta board excels as an all-round board. It’s suited for both freestyle and freeride; this is partly due to the carefully balanced length to width ratio, which has helped make the Delta the board of choice for many of the Flexifoil pro-rider team. Each board has been individually designed to ensure that you don’t have a board that requires lots of kite power all the time, or skips out in high winds. This board will enable you to take your riding up a gear.

Jumping ability

The combination of the composite core and top-mould design helps to control the flex and provides the board with outstanding levels of pop. This makes wakestyle tricks and jumping easy, enjoyable and fun!

Forgiving profile and rocker line

The forgiving nature of this board allows the rider to try new things and develop their skills on a progressive learning scale. The flexible tips help to eliminate nose diving on landings, whilst maintaining edge control at high speeds. The overall rocker and rail outline (coupled with the progressive flex in the board) makes the Delta range the most comfortable boards to ride in choppy water that we have ever made.

High levels of performance

The diverse potential of this board enables riders of all levels to push their abilities and performance in many new directions, ensuring that every rider makes the most from every session.

Rider's Style


You are a competent rider who wishes to push themselves with freestyle. You’re interesting in nailing the latest freestyle tricks.

Intermediate Freeride

You want a board that is comfortable to use in various conditions. You love boosting off the water and want a “locked-in”, grippy feel.


  • Less than 70 kg (11 stone): 129 x 38.5 cm
  • Between 70 - 90 kg (11 - 14 stone): 134 x 40 cm
  • Greater than 90 kg (14 stone): 139 x 41.5 cm


Confused about the three stance options?

All boards in the range offer three stance width options (38, 42 and 46cm). Your height will roughly dictate which stance setting you should use, although advanced riders may wish to experiment with the widest stance setting.

  • Less than 5’6” (165 cm): 38 cm width
  • Between 5’6” - 6’ (165 - 180 cm): 42 cm width
  • Greater than 6’ (180 cm): 46 cm width



The Airex® core used in this board is very light weight. The Airex® construction dampens board vibration, which adds control and comfort through choppy water, making for an easy, comfortable, relaxed fun ride.


Stance Position

All boards in the range offer three stance width options (38, 42 and 46cm). Whilst testing with a variety of riders we found that stance position made a significant difference to the feel of the board. Feedback from our professional rider team led to the inclusion of the wide stance option which helps them to land powered moves with more consistency giving an edge in competitions. The wide stance puts your feet closer to the fins and board tips which enables more controllable powered carving, great for freeride sessions. The 42cm stance is optimum for most riders as it is a solid stance width and creates more flexible tips making the board more forgiving and landings easier. The 38cm stance is perfect for smaller riders.

Outline shape

Testing showed us that the outline shape of the board makes a massive difference to how the board behaves. We found that by adjusting the curvature of the board outline, you can control a number of different aspects of the board. The outline shapes of our board range have each been carefully designed to so that every size and model delivers outstanding performance.

Top mould shape

The unique Flexifoil-designed top mould shape keeps the board stiff in the centre whilst allowing for more flex towards the tips and the fins. This makes it easy to edge the board in strong winds and also provides great pop. The flex in the tips of the board enables the rider to carve upwind easily and generate awesome power to boost off the water.

Top mould shape strength

Our unique shape helps to distribute the loads that are put on the board throughout every session. It makes the board strong in all areas and helps prevent it from braking even after a heavy landing.

Top mould grab detailing

To help control the board during grabs and board offs we’ve incorporated a grip texture into the top mould. This makes it easy to hold and stops your hands from slipping.

Concave style

The concave shape helps to stiffen the board in the centre section, providing progressively more flex towards the tips. This means that the board edges well in strong winds as it puts your feet closer to the fins and board tips. It also helps the board to plane easily in light wind conditions.

2mm ABS side walls

Extremely durable and strong. The red coloured side walls are excellent for spotting your board in the water and provide the added security of a relatively ding-proof rail.

Pads and straps

Fully adjustable, strong and comfortable. Contoured footpads are screwed on to the board using the foot strap bolts (no glue required) so you can change the foot position easily. The ergonomically designed straps are strong and comfortable and dismantle easily for travel.

Wake Style option

The Delta and Omega board’s foot-strap inserts are designed to accommodate a standard wake-style binding plate. This gives the rider the option of a true wake-style setup for kiting and also enables the board to be used as a standard wakeboard when fitted with the binding plate.

Board accessories

High quality 55mm G10 fins ensure that you won’t be skipping out easily and allow you to maintain an aggressive upwind course with less effort. The ergonomically designed grab handle has a comfortable and solid feel, making it easy to latch on to at all times. The package is completed with fully polished stainless fittings.

Legendary Flexifoil quality

As with all Flexifoil products, our boards are finished to the very highest standard and are built to deliver a fun and rewarding experience for years to come.

High-gloss UV-stable finish

A high-gloss UV protective finish has been added to the top skin of the board so that it will continue to look good for years to come, even if left in the sun.


Available in one design


Comes complete with

  • Board
  • Fins (x4)
  • Footstraps (x2)
  • Pads (x2)
  • Grab handle
  • Footpad screws and washers
  • Instructions



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