Dimitri Pro 2007

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Brand: Skywalker


  • 122 (custom only)
  • 127x37.5
  • 130x40
  • 135x47.5


122 (custom only)

Graph 122.jpg

Dimitri Pro 127

With F&S technology and an elliptical concave for better upwind performance, the 127 has precise control for high powered landings. Riders who push the limits to the max will love this board for Power Moves and Free Style -- both worlds in one. With increased pop and a softer feeling under your feet due to the Flex Control Tips, the 127 is structurally reinforced with a composite F.S. core which is kite loop proof. Complete Weight: 6.25 lbs./2.85 kg.

Graph 127.jpg

Dimitri Pro 131

A slightly larger, scaled-up version of the 127 and a great one quiver board, the 131 is ideally suited for larger and taller riders or for light wind conditions. The 131 will allow riders to push the limits and thrives on Power Moves and Free Style -- again both worlds in one. And, because of its length, it also kills in the waves. This board offers better pop than the 06 model and a softer feeling under foot like the 127. Complete Weight: 6.5 lbs./2.95 kg.

Graph 131.jpg

Dimitri Pro 135 Light Wind Machine

A light wind dream designed to get you out when most boards sink in the water. Our 2007 10-knot wind machine designed with a flat bottom, the 135 delivers considerable pop and very early planning. With the 135, you will be able to have fun in 8 to15 knots of wind and it is probably the first board on the market designed to take advantage of the new medium to large SLE Kite increased performance envelope. Dimitri has been developing this board for three years in Cape Hatteras and it is finally available through Skywalker in 2007. Complete Weight: 7.15 lbs./3.25 kg.

Graph 135.jpg



Colors board dimitri green.jpg

Colors board dimitri red.jpg

Concavedimitri pro 127.jpg

Fins dimitri pro 127.jpg

Fins bottom dimitri pro 127.jpg

Strap dimitri pro 127.jpg

Handle dimitri pro 127.jpg

122 large.jpg 122

127 large.jpg 127

131 large.jpg 131

135 large.jpg 135



Trim Tips

Sanding Rails and Repairing

Custom Railing

The boards come with 3D sharp rails that can easily be sanded down with some sand paper. The reason we have sharp rails is to satisfy riders that love sharp rails.

If you decide to change your rails from sharp to rounder shaped rails, here are the steps:

  • Use 2 kinds of sand paper (#150 and a fine one #320. See picture below)
  • Start sanding the HEAL side first, but make sure you to sand down only from one pad to the other pad leaving a at least 12 inches towards the tips sharp. I would not recommend sanding down the toe side.

Deep Scratches

The FS boards are very strong but you will still get scratches from sliding different hard objects such as rocks, slider, piers, cars, roads etc... The best way to repair these scratches it is to use some #320 sand paper or higher with some water. Most of the scratches and dings on the rails will be fixed but repairing the dings/scratches in the middle of the board will depend on how deep they are.

Sanding rails1.jpg

Sanding rails2.jpg

Sanding rails3.jpg