DirectDrive Bar 2009

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Brand: Slingshot


  • 17"
  • 20"
  • 23"


Designed for the Crossover rider who looks for versatility, uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a 4 line configuration.

The Directdrive Control Bar comes stock with Slingshot award winning technology innovations such as Center Safety System and the Active Stopper Ball making it ideal for riders who safety and convenience.

The clean and uncluttered 4 line configuration of the Dierctdrive bar also allows for easy and speedy set up.


  • 4 line configuration
  • Center Safety System
  • Active Stopper Ball
  • New ergonomic grip
  • 800 lbs 23 meter front line set
  • Lock-n-Load Chicken Loop
  • Dual Oh-shit Handles
  • Sure grip leader lines
  • Flex bar ends
  • Slingshot legendary construction
  • Lifetime Rider Hotline Membership


  • Fewer lines to negotiate.
  • 100% de-power and safety and convenience below the bar.
  • On the fly adjustment of the chicken loop throw.
  • Maximizes comfort and performance
  • Stronger, durable and more responsive
  • Safe and immediate no load release
  • 2 emergency handles for instant de-power
  • Easy and comfortable handling.
  • Line winders and hand protectors.
  • Bomber quality.
  • Tel. 1-509-427-4950 / Email:


The Directdrive bar, meeting the needs of the Crossover rider who values uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a tailored 4 line configuration.


  • Directdrive Bar Complete
  • Pre stretched 23 meter Firewire line set
  • Directdrive Surefire Quick Release Bungee



DirectDrive Bar 2009 1.jpg

DirectDrive Bar 2009 2.png


Center Safety System


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