Directional 2003

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Brand: Airush


  • 152x38
  • 172x41
  • 192x44


Airush have produced directional series boards since the very beginning of the sport. Over the years the dimensions and shapes have been modified constantly to bring the highest performance and 2003 is no exception.

The larger boards have reshaped rails incorporating a slight bevel that adds not only to the control of the boards under extreme loading but also to speed and control of carving manoeuvres. This brings a much greater all-round ability to the series, both aiding in the control adding to wave riding potential as more and more directional riders head into the surf. The 152 has undergone the most radical shake-up in the range with the addition of a nose cut out and single nose fin to facilitate reverse or mutant style riding. It adds a new dimension to the most radical board in the directional series. For the ultimate in directional control for general riding or wave riding the Directional series offers the ultimate control and performance for beginner to professional.



Directional 2003 pdk dr152.gif 152

Directional 2003 pdk dr172.gif 172

Directional 2003 pdk dr192.gif 192

Directional 2003 mnpd kdirec01b.jpg



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