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What happened?

A rider got involved in a not so serious accident in Cumbuco, but it could have been if he weren't wearing a helmet. He miscalculated the landing of a frontal loop transition and found himself landing on the sand, and in less than three seconds had crashed against one of those small huts along the Cauipe lagoon shore. Fortunately, he was dragged to the water again and got control of the kite. Everything happened so fast that he didn't have time to activate the safety release, despite all those Spanish guys screaming at him to do so.

What can we learn?

What he learned from that episode is:

  • Always wear a helmet. He was wearing one, his head hit something he does not remember what it was and he had no injuries.
  • Activate the safety release before the worst happens, even if you are in doubt about whether you'll be able to control the kite or not. He should have activated the safety release when he saw he was going to land on shore and towards a hut.
  • Calculate your landing, even if you will crash. Distance is your friend.