Dragon 2007

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Brand: North


  • S 134
  • M 139
  • L 145


Straps and Pads

Straps and Pads 2007 1.png

Variable strap positions and widths with just one strap

Straps and Pads 2007 2.png Straps and Pads 2007 3.png

Easy to adjust for different sizes.

The new Multi Adjustable Footstrap developed by North Kiteboarding has many new features and advantages over last year’s model:

This footstrap adds a whole new dimension. It not only permits adjusting size and asymmetry but also width. Once fitted to the width and shape of the foot it can be adjusted as usual in size (with or without a shoe).

Plug and screw, fast setup

Straps and Pads 2007 4.png Straps and Pads 2007 5.png

The newly developed base permits mounting the strap to the North Kiteboarding Footpadplate on the board without any effort – simply “plug and screw”!





Trim Tips