Dream Bar 2005

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Brand: Takoon


  • 47
  • 55


  • Leashless system with Wichard swivel.
  • New Quick release on chicken loop, releases up to more than 200 kg with less than 5Kg of pressure
  • Easy left/right identification (Colored back lines)
  • Reversed connection on Front and Back lines
  • High quality Eva grip
  • Carbon center piece with Stainless steel ring.
  • 25m "ultimate" Cousin line; pre-stretched under temperature.
  • Leader line system optimises line adjustment / kite tuning.
  • 21mm diameter floating control bar
  • Optimized center hole to depower AND turn simultaneously.
  • Lines and bars compatible with the standards of the market
  • Neopren rope cover with EVA to prevent sticking and contact with fingers
  • Poly-uréthane printing
  • Dyneema connector extra strong
  • Supplied with meshed bag to enable easy drying after session

47cm bar delivered with Wook3 7.5-9.5-12 and Skoop4 9-11.5.

55cm bar delivered with Wook3 14 and Skoop4 14.5

NEW Quick release on chicken loop

  • Clear Pu to see if the rope is OK.
  • Extra high quality rope
  • New quick release with easy handle



Dream Bar 2005 1.jpg

Dream Bar 2005 2.jpg

Dream Bar 2005 3.jpg



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