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Brand: Best


  • 121x37.1
  • 125x38.6
  • 131x39.4


'Fashions come and go, but quality never goes out of style'. That's never been truer than when applied to our Drive series of boards.

The Drive series represents the accumulation of our board design knowledge. Developed using a raft of high tech manufacturing procedures and tuned and tested by the finest board testing machine known to man; ‘Shannon Best'. The 07 Drive series delivers maximum performance, reliability and enjoyment no matter what conditions you ride.

From butter flat lagoon to overhead line up the Drive series are tuned to deliver precision and control. We have created a board series that climbs up wind, maintains a faster average speed and grips the water through even the strongest of gusts. Tied behind any of the 07 Waroo range this board simply rips and launches you like no other.

They say progress never stops, and for 07 Shannon has delivered a new core profile and tip shaping across the entire line. These revisions enhance the exceptional pop that the Drives provide, whilst giving more controlled flex for powered carving turns.

A dual differential carbon and fibreglass lay-up endows every Drive board with a sweet natural feel. With a custom CNC machined high grade Airex foam core, precision moulded into durable scuff resistant ABS top and bottom sheets, there's not one gram of excess weight in the Drives, and a pedigree for unmatched durability that is the envy of all manufacturers.


  • Tuned and trimmed for 07.
  • Reduced weight and improved strength.
  • Controlled flex zones deliver a smoother ride in all conditions.
  • CNC machined Airex foam core.
  • Triax glass and biax carbon construction.
  • Differential lay-up for control and pop.
  • Single concave for fast planning and more edge bite.
  • ABS bottom and top sheet.
  • Dye sublimate printing in wild new colour ways.

Drive 121

  • Width: 371mm
  • Tip width: 246mm
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Bottom: Concave
  • Stance: 40-52cm
  • Core: Airex
  • Base: P-Tex
  • Fins: 4
  • Bindings: NO
  • Foot Straps: YES

Drive 125

  • Width: 386mm
  • Tip width: 265mm
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Bottom: Concave
  • Stance: 40-52cm
  • Core: Airex
  • Base: P-Tex
  • Fins: 4
  • Bindings: NO
  • Foot Straps: YES

Drive 131

  • Width: 394mm
  • Tip width: 268mm
  • Rocker: Continuous
  • Bottom: Concave
  • Stance: 40-52cm
  • Core: Airex
  • Base: P-Tex
  • Fins: 4
  • Bindings: NO
  • Foot Straps: YES


Snowboard construction with ABS rail

High pressure laminate molding with ABS rail gives a durable board with plenty of edge bite.

Controlled flex zones

Variable fiber orientation and placement in the lay-up puts strength exactly where you need it without adding any weight. Our no-step top sheet design eliminates stress risers across the surface of the board, often seen in many step-machined boards. Smoother shaping and fiber orientation delivers a board that can handle the flat water and the surf equally well.

CNC machined Airex foam core

Smooth milled Airex core eliminates molding voids for a more consistent and lighter board.

Marinized deck inserts

Salt resistant deck hardware with a wakeboard binding spacing, able to take the new Hover foot pads and straps as well as your choice of wake binding for the ultimate in flexibility.

Triax glass and biax carbon construction

Our board lay-ups are refined by hand until we get exactly the feel that Shannon demands from his boards, the combination of exacting material selection and fine hand tuning delivers a board worthy of Shannon’s name.

Single concave

A wide tunnel concave makes the Drive series faster to pop onto the plane and smoothes the transitions in powered edge to edge carves.

ABS top and bottom sheets

Ultra durable and highly scuff resistant, for hitting rails and kickers you couldn’t be better protected.

Reduced weight with improved strength

Higher specification material selection and tighter manufacturing tolerances deliver a board that is both lighter and stronger than previous board to wear the Drive name.



07drive pic1.jpg

07drive pic2.jpg

07drive pic3.jpg

07drive bottom lg.jpg

07drive deck lg.jpg

07drive concave lg.jpg

07drive edge lg.jpg

07drive rocker lg.jpg




Drive 2007 131x39.4 - IKSurfMag

Trim Tips

Suggested Fin Setup


  • 1"Grind
  • 1.5"Track


  • 1.5"Track
  • 1.8"Slash


  • 1.8"Slash
  • 2"Grip