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Brand: Core


  • One Size (45 and 57cm)


Ejector - Safety - Performance

  • successful and thoroughly proven control bar system
  • direct feeling: flying lines directly attached to adjuster
  • Short-5th-Line safety - optional Long-5th-Line
  • as always "self-unswivelling"
  • only one bar for all kite sizes

The new “ESP Control Bar System“ was specifically developed for the COMBAT and was based on the highly praised Control Bar System from CARVED and CORE, slightly modified and compatible with most other kites on the market.

The front-flying-lines go all the way down to the Adjuster, this results in the COMBAT being even more direct in its feel and it reacts more precisely to the riders input which is of real benefit when used for unhooked wave-riding.

Thanks to the "Short 5th-Line” which is connected to the top of the Adjuster the Combat is the first real 4-Line kite with increased safety. The "Short 5th-Line" can be replaced by an optional “Long 5th-Line“. This way the COMBAT is even safer than traditional Delta-Kites. Totally save!

Obviously the "CORE ESP Control Bar System" maintains the excellent virtues of the HD-Bar System, to be self-unswivelling. The main flying lines don’t twist up anymore. Even after 100 rotations in the same direction! The trick: Simply pull the bar briefly towards you and all twists come out. This feature is totally unique.

All wear and tear parts are cheaply and easily replaceable.

Another aspect of the CORE Bar’s economic design: Within 25 seconds you can attach the steering lines to either the inside or the outside of the CORE-Bar, thus changing its width. This way you can cover all sizes from 5-15qm with one bar. This makes the choice for different kite-sizes easy.

Class Leader

The most forward thinking 4-Line-Bar-System delivering direct steering and total safety!

Unique: this Bar enables every Kite to turn faster and to execute steering inputs. The deep "V" has, in contrast to the HD-Bar and most other Bars on the market, been made redundant.

The feedback on the ESP Bar is immediate; this means that you have a better feel of the Kites position at all times.

The unique “Short 5th-Line“ makes the relaunch safer, as compared to a loose, on the water floating “Long 5th-Line” it can’t wrap itself around limbs or objects anymore.

The release on the Bar is safe and easy, even under high loads.

The "Short 5th Line" can within a few simple steps be replaced with the optional “Long 5th Line“.

The Line-ends are "fool-proof": when attaching the lines to the Kite it is not possible to accidentally swap front for back-lines and visa versa.


The ongoing problem area, Adjuster:

We set ourselves a high goal. Afters years of failed trials with various clam cleats (clamp doesn’t release, loose depower-rope wraps itself around the lines, chickenloop etc.), we have opted to stick with our proven "Pull-Pull" Adjuster and managed to improve it further:

Easy reach, user-friendly and always ordered thanks to improved webbing guides.


All wear and tear parts can be replaced easily and for little money, especially when compared to other manufacturers.

On top of this you can simply use one Bar for all Kite sizes from 5-15qm, this saves you money for the next holiday!



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