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General info:


USA: Eclipse Kites Center Highway 12, WAVES(2nd floor of KHK resort) NC

Mailing: PO box 1261 Nags Head NC 27959

Tel: 1-888-548-3311

Fax: +1-631-2427724



North America- Eclipse Kiteboarding



Eclipse was founded in 2006 by Chris Cousins and Dimitri Maramenides, from the start our goal was to offer our friends and fellow riders a product which was specifically designed for them.

From the start we took a different design and management approach. We believe you need to have passion for this sport in order to be successful, so with that in mind we made sure our entire team was made up from active kiteboarders. All of us plan our day around the wind. We all love our jobs and we want to pass on our enjoyment and passion to the riders. If one of our kites didn't work for us we know it won't work for you, if we don't like a kite we don't make it.

As a professional and world famous kiteboarder Dimitri Maramenides knows his name is on the line with these kites. We are determined to make the highest performing quality product on the market. In 2007 as a new company we had the unique advantage of seeing the direction the industry was heading and took our time to improve our designs to a point they could dominate. For 2008 our design philosophy has not changed much, only now we had to find a way to make our kites better. For 2008 we spend almost triple the amount of time on R&D and design. We literally tested our kites from Hong Kong to OBX then to Greece and back. We enlisted the help of Pro's and professional engineers but most important we had average riders help us design our kites better, simpler and smarter. After a lengthy R&D process spread over 3 continents we were able to create the 2008 Nano and Thruster.

Our kites are the result of endless workdays, extensive testing, hours of phone calls, endless e-mails and extensive planning. We didn't leave anything up to chance. We took our time to be sure that we would be able to offer the highest quality equipment available with amazing performance and value oriented pricing. At Eclipse we believe that the customers drive our company and that is why we designed 2 amazing kites that are sure to satisfy every rider's need. Whether you are a recreational rider, seasoned free rider or experienced pro Eclipse has a kite specifically designed for you.

Once again thank you for interest in our company. Enjoy the ride.

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