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Brand: Eclipse



At ECLIPSE, the bar is not an afterthought. With the Bow/SLE explosion, kiteboarding became remarkably safer due to the de-power abilities of the new kites. Unfortunately, the bar systems have often been complicated and clumsy. We don't think riders should have to sacrifice simplicity for safety.

To put it bluntly: We understand the importance of the bar.

We subjected our bars to the same R&D process that went into our kites. We tried everything out there. We weren't satisfied with what we found. We wanted the perfect balance of de-power safety and simplicity

For 2008 we have totally redesigned our bar system to offer the rider unprecedented simplicity and safety. The 2008 Eclipse bar features many new benefits that will make the riders experience better.


Kill Switch System

In response to the riders cry for more safety during extreme maneuvers for 2008 your suicide leash will fully de-power the kite 100% upon activation.

EZ CL Releaser

For 2008 we spent significant time and resources to develop the safest QR system on the market.

EZ Lock Stopper System

No one else has the EZ Lock system. We worked closely with the Clam Cleat Company to develop the simplest and safest stopper system. This is the first stopper system that will actually release upon significant impact. It holds tight when you need it, but pops free if you get slammed!

Safety Handles

If your in trouble or want the ability to flag your kite on 1 line, we have added to safety handles to the right and left steering lines.

BMX Grip

All eclipse bars now feature small bumps along the length of the bar to allow for a great grip.

Kook Proof Bar

The eclipse bar is not only color codes with the lines, it even has a different grip and WRONG WAY printed on the bar.

20m+4m Lines

All eclipse bars come stock with 20m lines with 4m extensions.



2008 bar eclipse.jpg

2008 5th line.jpg

2008 chicken loop.jpg

2008 depower power strap (Small).jpg

2008 elastic.jpg

2008 ez lock unlock.jpg

2008 floater os handle.jpg

2008 leash.jpg

2008 safety pull.jpg

2008 swivel 5th line.jpg

Thruster2008 kook proof lines (Small).jpg

Thruster2008 line extensions.jpg


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