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Brand: Liquid Force


  • 128
  • 134
  • 140


Moehau Goold and Jimmy Redmond have come together to create a board that can perform to Moehau’s standards. This board not only the #1 choice of our team, it also works well for the rest of us. It’s designed for the rider looking for insane pop, smooth transitions, and a strong clean variable edge. This progressive three-stage rocker design features a scalloped tail with a channeled bottom that increases hold while also promoting water displacement.

  • 128x39.37 cm, fins: 1.5 GTS
  • 134x40.64 cm, fins: 2.0 GTS
  • 140x42 cm, fins: 2.0 GTS


  • Compression molded
  • Milled PVC foam core
  • PBT top and bottom


Exclusive LF PVC Supercore

This LF exclusive material has the highest strength to weight ratio available in foam. This milled PVC foam will not take on water like some cheaper foams or balsa cores.

Scalloped swallowtail

Less swing weight for technical tricks and increased pop for more height.

Rounded variable rails

A smooth, variable edge with a softer rail profile in the middle of the board that becomes thinner and harder toward the ends.

Deep concave bottom

Increased hold and smooth transitions.

Quad channel hull exiting out scalloped tail

Maximizes hold and drive for insane speed and control.

The 4th hole

An added insert has been place to the outside insert pack to give the rider the option of the widest stance with Union bindings (Only on the 134 and 140).



128 Boards element 2007 128.jpg

134 Boards element 2007 134 2.jpg

140 Boards element 2007 140.jpg

Boards element 2007 134.jpg



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