Escalade 2008

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Brand: Latitude


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The SLE HYBRID ESCALADE is designed for riders with intermediate to pro skills who like to ride freestyle. Our goal was to make an SLE kite that pro freestyle riders will like & that will have the same performance as any top performance freestyle "C" shaped kite. This will give the rider full de-power ability with all of the freestyle performance needed from a kite. This kite works well with either a 4 or 5 line bridle. The SLE HYBRID ESCALADE is designed to reduce the power to a minimum when the kite is set on the center of the wind window or when it is unhooked. All this with unmatched pivot turning for any loop tricks makes the SLE HYBRID ESCALADE the ultimate freestyle SLE kite.



Cutting design of the SLE HYBRID ESCALADE is shaped to match with maximum precision the LE curve. All stitches are glued & double stitched to ensure maximum strength under severe loads & crashes.

Leading Edge

The LE of the SLE HYBRID ESCALADE is designed to give the kite a fast response, especially at the center of the wind window. The curved LE shape design works with the 5 lines or SLE bridle on this HYBRID kite.

Struts profile

The struts profile design gives the SLE HYBRID ESCALADE high lift with no bar pressure. This combined with medium AOA (angle of attack) makes the SLE HYBRID ESCALADE a very fast, responsive kite with full de-power & maximum pivot turning speed.


As a 4 or 5 line HYBRID kite, the 4 line bridle is designed to give full de-power & maximum response, the SLE HYBRID ESCALADE bridle has 2 heavy load Ronstan pulleys connected to the bridle & not to the kite. This ensures a minimal line bridle with free bar pressure.


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