Eskimo 2007

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Brand: Gin


  • 4.0
  • 6.0
  • 8.5
  • 11.5
  • 14.0


The latest ESKIMO keeps the much appreciated characteristics of smooth and safe handling, the quick and predictable turn abilities and the very responsive feel. However we have made a few slight modifications in order to make it even better.

A well-matured Snowkite, filled with pure Snowkiting spirit.

Introducing the new ESKIMO 14.0 which completes our range for lighter winds and big airs.

Designed by Robert Graham.

The ESKIMO is a high performance kite for experienced riders. On the other hand, its stability, smooth handling and it’s safety system also make the ESKIMO suitable for beginners. With the ESKIMO, the GIN Kiteboarding Development Team have created a foil kite which benefits from the same characteristics as a tube kite:

  • fast and precise turning
  • great lift
  • large depower range

The ESKIMO surprises with its fast and easy turn. It flies without any effort on the bar and it's lift is powerful and energic. The ESKIMO is very useable in low wind, as well as medium or strong wind. Its windrange is impressive. The control bar setting of ESKIMO was thought 100% snowkite, with a finish and a wish of well done details. The ESKIMO is also very easy to use for riding with mountainboard or buggy.

3 Flavours: pistachio / blueberry / apricot



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